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Crystal Eyes - Starbourne Traveler Award winner

Crystal Eyes
Starbourne Traveler
by Quinten Serna at 17 December 2019, 5:08 AM

The infinite expanse of space is an inviting theme to which every medium of work owes some measure of influence to, and the Power Metal musings of, CRYSTAL EYES, are no different within this regard. Whilst having a change in their line-up on guitars and drums, CRYSTAL EYES, has remained true to their roots and expectations offering a well rounded and versatile collection of tracks grounded in a classic sound with their newest release “Starbourne Traveler”.

The album as a whole opens up with, “Rage On The Sea,” a wash of waves upon a shore followed by a clean guitar segueing into a distorted guitar playing the same riff; the song in its entirety has this powerful buildup reminiscent of classical stylings such as JUDAS PRIEST and TWISTED SISTER.  “Gods Of Disorder” has a phaser leading its fade in followed by drums that signal for the rest of the band to join in. The intro is short but powerful laying down the foundation for a riff that repeats several times throughout the song in various different forms. The title track, “Starbourne Traveler,” has a heavy buildup consisting of powerful drums and some interlaced guitar work. The transition from loud to quiet is seamless and one of the more interesting aspects of the composition. “Corridors Of Time” begins immediately—although it too has a build up to it—and transitions perfectly into the verse as the guitars slightly alter their riffings; the clear variances between both guitars helps at texture and personality to the track, as it stands its one of my favorites within the album.

In The Empire Of Saints” cuts itself out from the rest of the tracks by incorporating acoustics and clearer vocals, the addition of heavy set drums and guitar work adds variety to the track giving it strength and allowing it to sit well with the rest of the album, from a compositional standpoint the song is arranged in mastery as each element blends, merges, and transitions without any hiccup or latency—despite its lighter presentation—or perhaps because of it—it presents itself as one of the stronger tracks upon the album. The guitar work is empathetic and full of personality, whilst a good deal of effort goes into recording it’s easy to discern that the strings were grounded in expression. The bass has a powerful tone and provides a great foundation for the band; the drums are strong and tight; and the vocals never sway from their delivery.

Starbourne Traveler” is an album revolving around the classic feel of good Rock N’ Roll, from those 80's stadium big-band sets, to the classic bass and drums combination, the album is all about having a good time and listening to good music and accomplishes its mission, whilst also celebrating the band’s 20th anniversary.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Gods Of Disorder
2. Side By Side
3. Extreme Paranoia
4. Starbourne Traveler
5. Corridors Of Time
6. Paradise Powerlord
7. Into The Fire
8. In The Empire Of Saints
9. Midnight Radio
10. Rage On The Sea
Claes Wikkander—Bass
Henrik Bigersson—Drums
Mikael Dahl—Guitars, Vocals, and Keyboards
Jonatan Hallberg—Guitars
Record Label: Massacre Records


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