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Crystal Pyramid - Enter The Beyond

Crystal Pyramid
Enter The Beyond
by V.Srikar at 25 August 2016, 3:39 PM

With the album artwork that we have here, along with the fact that it was said to be Doom Metal, I really wanted to check this out. “Enter The Beyond” is Italian Doom Metal band CRYSTAL PYRAMID’s debut album released on March 8th this year; and the 7 songs on it were not what what I had expected.

The 1st song “Shattered Reminiscence” sounds more like a juicy Heavy Metal song than a Doom song; but that’s not to say there are no Doom elements. There are some really cool sharp innovative riffs, and most of them sound more like Heavy Metal than Doom. The vocals are atmospheric, faint and clean in nature, fitting in perfectly with the eerie nature of the guitar riffs. “Upon The Peak Of Revelation” also is not really a typical Doom song, although it’s lack of pace and the unique eerie sharp riffs will make you overlook the genre arguments here. The main riff here is really catchy and can make fans headbang in no time.

The riffs in “Voluntary Extinction Center” are sharp, catchy and infectious, and really raise the quality as far as Traditional Heavy Metal is concerned. The 1st half of the 7 minute song “The Arrival At The Guillotine-Execution” is more chaotic in nature and it feels as if the band is trying to do too many things. The beauty is pretty much lost in the chaos, but the song slows down in the latter part and there are some very exquisite riffs to please the old-school connoisseurs.

House Of The Two Spirits” can be called a slow Heavy Metal song with and atmospheric feel and lazy eerie vocals, but frankly lacks the variety and flavour to impress the listeners. With a really long name and fast paced heavy, juicy riffs “Across The Battlefield's Ruins Of The Ethereal Desert” is really impressive and with the haunting thick vocals, the band almost gets all of it right, thus quite possibly making it the best song on the album. And the fact that the song is more than 8 minutes long makes you give the band some genuine respect.

The album ends with “Winterfall”, which in all honesty doe not offer anything new to the listener. Nevertheless, it’s not a bad song, and I must say that the growling vocals here are excellent and the tracks really ends the album on a high note.

Although the album impresses in parts, it also leaves you with mixed feeling. The fact that it is marketed as a Doom band, when there were little or no features of Doom Metal in it, is a little disappointing. Don’t get me wrong, the lads do get what they intended to here, but the music sometimes is monotonous and far too repetitive. With some excellent guitar work and eerie atmospheric music on top of unique vocals, CRYSTAL PYRAMID has managed to put out a decent debut album, yet I am afraid that it lacks the variety, flavour and the beauty to make listeners come back to this album repeatedly.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 7
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

  1. Shattered Reminiscence
  2. Upon the Peak f Revelation
  3. Voluntary Extinction Center
  4. The Arrival at the Guillotine-Execution
  5. House of the Two Spirits
  6. Across the Battlefield's Ruins of the Ethereal Desert
  7. Winterfall
Asghath  - Guitar, Vocals
Alt Kaiserbauer – Vocals, Guitars
Record Label: Independent


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