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Crystal Tears - Decadence Deluxe

Crystal Tears
Decadence Deluxe
by Tatianny Ruiz at 28 May 2018, 7:11 AM

Metal all over the globe, today our ears are back in Greece for the release of Decadence Deluxe by Pride & Joy Music's Speed and Power Metal band CRYSTAL TEARS. With a more modern but satisfying cover art we started this album, time to tighten the play! The album opens with the fast "Evil Vs. Evil" and the instrumental sounds exceptional, nothing too modern and even a little clean in regard to many bands in the industry and although Søren's vocal is not very powerful and with fierce treble it still does an excellent work in dense tones that paired with the guitars becomes exactly calibrated and opens the breach for a bit of anger in the timbre. The drum lines are flashing on the first track, how good is that. A little enthusiasm to begin with!

We passed the "Blindead" has a soft acoustic introduction that flows into a fuller line of Power metal with creative riffs and solo with lots of technique and I really like the chorus in the background. The following I have a surprise, result of who does not look very well before the content, "Heart of a Lion" of the titans of the metal JUDAS PRIEST, lands on this album as a bomb. I know, I always comment on versions as a bad aspect on many albums, but with since 2017 on the road and with this being the band's full-length room it's easy to say that this luxury is possible, and although Søren's voice is different of Halford everything is very well balanced and with a little anger it is nice to review this classic. Good choice!

And we get to remember bands like HAMMERFALL in "Where Angels Die" and I like that the effects on the songs are not as relevant as many bands today, it's not super production but it sounds very good to the ears. A very big difference for "Death Haunts Forever" that enters the scene with some unexpected elements of weight, this could easily flow to the lines of Thrash and Death without no difficulty. The riffs are fierce and the work of drummer Chrisafis is an exact fit for the throbbing lines of Alex's bass. But not everything is speed and density when we get to "Bleeding Me" with an acoustic figure being presented on more inspiring vocals followed by well-fitting guitars and it's delicious how this epic sound takes place.

But a little more modern nuances are also welcome, so "Sick of It All" will balance the pointers with a good dose of turns and counter-time battery that marks the time as effectiveness. And a little more freedom is reached further on in "I'm 18", and from what I see the bands have been struggling to include some classics in the midst of their own tracks and this may be a good sign, we are reviewing the past, but at the same time I insist that this worries me when in fact the compositions themselves are reduced, and of course finding ALICE COOPER being reviewed is always good, and it's nice in a live acoustic version, but … two? Yes, exactly! For before you finish the album you will still find "Tie Your Mother Down". So analyzing maybe it was very unexpected because the song tracks are really good and the instrumental is great, the vocal delivers the message, so maybe I got a bit confused by the end of the album. Well … this is Metal! Highlight for "My Own Hell", "Chaos Thy Name" and "Dear Insanity".

Songwriting: 9
Originality: 7
Memorability: 8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Evil Vs. Evil
2. Blindead
3. Heart of A Lion
4. Where Angels Die
5. Death Haunts Forever
6. My Own Hell
7. Bleeding Me
8. Chaos Thy Name
9. Sick of It All
10. Dear Insanity
11. Tears for the Dead
12. I'm 18
Søren Adamsen – Vocals
Kostas Sotos – Guitars
Máté Nagy – Guitars
Alex Chamalides – Bass
Chrisafis Tantanozis – Drums
Record Label: Pride & Joy Music


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