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Crystal Viper - At The Edge of Time

Crystal Viper
At The Edge of Time
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 16 August 2018, 7:20 AM

Sometimes, people ask about the writers: “how such a guy could say that our album isn’t good before, and the other is?” Let me explain: we, the writers, have nothing against a band. When we speak about an album, we can give a good or bad quote. But it doesn’t mean that the following release can’t be good. So, after explaining this matter, I must say that “At the Edge of Time”, the new release from the Polish quartet CRYSTAL VIPER is really an amazing EP.

The band makes that old form of traditional Heavy Metal from bands of Belgium and Germany on the 80’s. Nothing new in terms of musical genre, but the band really did a fine job on these songs, putting out their musical talent. Now, we all can hear their personality on their musical work, the energy and very good work on the melodies. And the songs are unreleased ones, unless their new version for “When the Sun goes Down” (that was presented on their last album, “Queen of the Witches”). This time, the sound production made a work that matches on what the songs need. Although the sound is a bit crude than is necessary (their music needs it to be alive), it is clear enough to make their melodies and arrangements clear to our ears, and gives them energy they have (only the tunes for the guitars could be a better). And what a great artwork was created for the cover of the album.

Now, we can have the clear idea of what they stand for. “At the Edge of Time” is a very good and energetic song, with a very good chorus and fine vocals (they remind me a lot the voice of Leather Leone, without being a copy of her), as the new version for “When the Sun goes Down” is as well (what an excellent work from keyboards, bass guitar and drums on these slow paced tempos). The raw and savage energy that comes from “Zwiastun Burzy” is amazing (it’s seems as a version for “At the Edge of Time” sang in Polish language, and this allows us to hear the excellent work on guitars), and the tender and melodic “What You Are” focuses its efforts on a piano and voice orientated song. And “Tell Me Why” is a fine version of an old song from British band QUARTZ, and it is filled with CRYSTAL VIPER’s musical personality. And it’s a pity it is released only on vinyl and download formats (the fans of CD like me will have to stay with the digital version).

“At the Edge of Time” is an excellent work, and if the band follows this path on the next album, no one will hold back these Polish berserkers!

Originality: 7
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. At the Edge of Time
2. When the Sun goes Down
3. Zwiastun Burzy
4. When are You
5. Tell Me Why
Marta Gabriel - Vocals, Guitars, Piano
Andy Wave - Lead, Rhythm, Acoustic Guitars
Blaze J. Grygiel - Bass, Acoustic Guitar
Tomek “Golem” Danczak - Drums, Percussion
Record Label: AFM Records


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