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Crystal Viper - Crimen Excepta Award winner

Crystal Viper
Crimen Excepta
by Karila “Femme Metale” Shannis at 26 April 2012, 8:46 PM

Not every band can conjure a magic spell to make an amazing album appear out of thin air.  But CRYSTAL VIPER’s brand new “Crimen Excepta” is a wickedly enchanting piece of Pagan Metal that will have your head spinning faster than the creepy girl from The Exorcist (and hopefully in a less disturbing fashion)! This album is pure magic both conceptually and musically and will have you mesmerized from start to finish.

The sound quality of this album may initially be a turn-off for a few particulars that, like when watching their sports games, prefer everything in HD.  However the suffocated quality of the album paints the picture of what it might have been like to record an album in Salem Witch Trial-era New England.  Besides you’ll get lost in the supernatural beauty of vocalist Marta Gabriel, who is nothing less than a profound Metal siren.  The opening track “Witches Mark” is remarkably infectious and full of character. Marta Gabriel personifies both the enchantment and ensnarement of a witch, constantly altering her vocal range from the power reminiscent of up-and-coming band HUNTRESS’s vocalist Jill Janus and to the sinister cackles hidden between chorus lines.  After listening to this song once, you’ll be hearing “VOICESSSSSS” in your head.  You’ll see what I mean.

This entire album is filled to the cauldron’s brim with heart, body, and soul. The rapidly pounding drum work of Tomasz Dańczak on “It’s Your Omen”provides theheart that races relentlessly.  The craftsmanship of guitarists Andy Wave (electric) and Tom Wornya (bass) shape the body of melody that guides the listener on a dark journey through the title song “Crimen Excepta” (feat. David Bower of HELL), and Marta Gabriel’s mesmerizing vocals breathe a fresh vitality of a soul into the album. Thus “Crimen Excepta” goes beyond the dimensions of the CD case in which it is imprisoned: this album is a living and breathing Metal masterpiece.

I may not speak Latin, but If I did, I would call “Crimen Excepta” a “Metallus Albumus Exceptionalus”

4 Star Rating

1. Witches Mark
2. Child of the Flame
3. It’s Your Omen.
4. Crimen Exceptum (feat. David Bower of HELL).
5. Medicus Animarum
6. Spell of Death
7. Hope Is Gone, Here’s New Law
8. Fire Be My Gates
9. Tyrani Piekiel (VADER cover)
10. Ghosts Of Sherwood
Marta Gabriel– Vocals / Guitars
Andy Wave- Guitars
Tom “Golem” Danczak- Drums
Tom Woryna- Bass
Record Label: AFM Records


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