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Crystal Eyes - Chained (CD)

Crystal Eyes
by Grigoris Chronis at 29 October 2008, 1:14 PM

CRYSTAL EYES has been around for more than seven years; Chained is the sixth studio release by this Swedish quartet. OK, lots of hard work in the band we can see. Their first album via the Metal Heaven label is soon to be released and - for those aware of the band in prior - it's good news CRYSTAL EYES still performs well-designed Heavy/Power Metal music.
CRYSTAL EYES reminds me of a mix of ACCEPT, BRAINSTORM, RUNNING WILD, GAMMA RAY, JUDAS PRIEST and IRON MAIDEN. The production is solid, with a volume spewing out of the speakers in no fear. The mix is loud, the album is loud itself. You won't notice any double-bass speedy tracks in Chained. Still, the tempos are pounding and you won't find any difficulty enjoying the in-your-face tracklist of this album. There's tons of twin leads, plus choir vocal lines are present in the choruses. Still, you should not be mistaken; CRYSTAL EYES does not belong that much to the so-called 'happy' Euro Power scene. More precisely, we should say that this band draws more ideas from classic Metal acts rather than 'teutonic' ones, even if the final product does taste rather 'now happening'.
The voice of Nico Adamnsen is crystal clear. He will not scream much, he'll probably be more 'narrating' in a Hansi Kursch style or driving a la Rock 'n' Rolf. His vocals fit the music a lot, eventually. The musicians' performance is really good, even if embodying enough cliches anyway; nothing irritating, at least. Most rhythm parts are straightforward, there's enough room for twin leads (as pre-said) and - along with some typically good rhythm section - the total summary is for the benefit of the band.
CRYSTAL EYES is a really capable band. Don't know if it's a matter of timing or promotion or simply bad luck that they have not been more widely known. Chained comes to - once again - verify this quintet has the potential to attract the interest of today's European Heavy/Power Metal fans. Recommended? Yes.

3 Star Rating

Ride The Rainbow
The Fire Of Hades
The Devil Inside
Waves Of War   
Dying In The Rain
Shadow Rider
Lonely Ball Of Fate
Nico Adamsen - Vocals
Mikael Dahl - Guitars
Paul Pettersson - Guitars
Claes Wikander - Bass
Stefan Svantesson - Drums
Record Label: Metal Heaven


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