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Crystal Tears - Generation X

Crystal Tears
Generation X
by Jonathan Maphet at 06 June 2010, 12:06 PM

CRYSTAL TEARS is a Heavy Metal band hailing from Greece. They were formed in 1997, with their first official album released in 2006. Their new album, “Generation X”, is a positive step in the right direction. The music is fast and melodic, and full of positive energy.The song “Inner Spirit” contains a fast pace with a slight tempo change and a very good guitar solo. It is clear upon the first listening that CRYSTAL TEARS is a band full of professional musicians. Everything is done with laser sharp precision. “Nightmare Serenade” starts off with a killer riff by Dimitris Goutziamanis. It appears to me that he has paid close attention to maintaining a feeling of heaviness so no one is left with any doubt where he stands, and that is pure Heavy Metal!

The bass fits in the mix perfectly to the point where it blends in seamlessly. There is also some top notch drumming here. It is clear a lot of attention was paid to getting things just right. A solid effort was brought in from producer R. D. Liapakis.

The vocalist, Ian Parry, delivers the goods. I heard more than a little bit of ELEGY in his vocals (of course) and why not, since hefronted them from 1992 to 2000. It is there that he left his mark on the world of Power Metal and he is continuing the legacy within CRYSTAL TEARS.Power Metal isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but it’s a lot easier to get into when it doesn’t very well, and that is most certainly the case here. This is the most surprising release of the year for me. I can honestly say that I was not expecting much from this CD and I am more than satisfied with their effort here. The production is rock solid. The Greek Metal scene is producing some very talented bands and has a knack for putting out nice sounding albums.

It is hard for me to pick out a favorite track since all of the songs are very good. One of my favorite moments from this album is the high pitched scream from Ian in “Rock Until We Fall”. I am sure it will bring a smile to the face of most Power Metal fans. To followers of the genre I feel you are in for a treat here; I highly recommend this album to all. You could certainly find worse ways to spend your money. I have a feeling CRYSTAL TEARS will be around for quite some time.

4 Star Rating

  1. Inner Spirit
  2. Heroes
  3. Nightmare Serenade
  4. Crystal Tears
  5. In The Beginning
  6. Rock Until We Fall
  7. Predators
  8. Flesh' N Bone
  9. The X Generation
Ian Parry – Vocals
Dimitris Goutziamanis - Guitar
Stratos Dionisopoulos - Bass
Chrissafis Tantanozis - Drums
Record Label: 7Hard


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