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Cult Cinema - Iscariot

Cult Cinema
by Angela "MetalDancer" Van Der Kreeft at 01 June 2012, 12:51 AM

CULT CINEMA, a British band that brought out their debut EP “Iscariot” through Siege Of Amida Records, a Thrash / Black / Hardcore / Metal album that’s filled with  heart ache, frustrating anger, raging borders,  hatredand screaming ways out.

Screaming your heart out is a well-known phrase to many. We have a saying here that states that every house carries its own cross, so guess those two combined makes that everyone has their screaming bad times. Sometimes these screaming bad times seem endless and being angry in a way that realizes changes are needed is not as hard than to stay inside denial and make the screaming bad times truly endless. It just seems harder. CULT CINEMA shows that with their EP “Iscariot”. Their way to stand up and shout does sound so easy and natural that peace can be found in between.

However the album “Iscariot” is not for the softhearted, even though this album does contain softhearted moments. It is also dragging, screaming sad, mean and aggressive. But this album doesn’t sound just easy and simple; it’s also complex and solid played. Drums, bass, guitar and vocals are really into it and showing their skills all together. The screams are sometimes to understand, but so fluent inside the music lines that are clear enough anyway.

The EP does start almost on quiet note but then bursts out in no time into a clear example what can be found on the rest of the album. The album only holds 5 songs and takes less than 20 minutes, but don’t worry, if you’re into this genre, the repeat button can handle this album very well, also because variation can be found inside this short trip through the world of CULT CINEMA. A world that’s catchy, dragging, screaming and somehow also balanced and peaceful. A great listen for those who can appreciate this kind of music.

For a debut EP CULT CINEMA did a fine job with “Iscariot”. Much better than expected.

4 Star Rating

1. Akeldama
2. The Beloved Diciple
3. Tormentor
4. A Distant and Disconsolate Heart
5. The Betrayer (Tomb Of The Brave)
Ivan Ferreira – Vocals
Paul Hamlin – Guitars
Nick Desmond- Guitar
Noah Winterbourn- Drums
Trevor Saull - Bass
Record Label: Siege Of Amida Records


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