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Cultfinder - Hell's Teeth

Hell's Teeth
by H.P. Buttcraft at 23 April 2014, 10:40 PM

Great Britain’s CULTFINDER are a new school Black Metal band with an old-school Black Metal sound.  They jump out of their obscurity with this release, Hell’s Teeth, comprised of two brand new songs with three re-recorded tracks from their 2011 demo tape. Each song is a fine example of Black Metal, Thrash Metal and Blackened Thrash Metal. I don’t think it compromises either of these genres throughout the album so aside from the sinister-sounding filler tracks “Heathen Visions” & “Unholy Orders” there are no acoustic guitar melodies or digital electronic interludes to this. The Black and Thrash Metal being played is enough to present a thick atmosphere of terrifying rage and sinister hatred.

Since CULTFINDER are out of the demo tape domain, I was expecting to hear some LP quality mixing on “Hell’s Teeth”. However, the drums on this album sound really off and stifled by the lack of quality mixing. The snare is leveled in a way to where it sounds like someone’s beating on a steel folding chair. As far as the rest of the drum kit, it does have a claustrophobic tone to them. For example, the kicks sound heavily muffled and the symbols are have a bone-dry tone to them. Ironically, the drumming is hand down the coolest thing about CULTFINDER. They just go perfectly over the reverberated screeches and buzz saw guitars and the drums never cease in kicking ass throughout every song. I just wish the mixer could’ve taken a little bit more time to add some color to the sound of the drums.

I would highly recommend this album to people who just can’t get enough of the old school Black Metal and Thrash Metal bands. There’s no denying that anybody who needs something more than what those two genres have to offer will be sorely disappointed with “Hell’s Teeth”. CULTFINDER are enjoyable to listen to and this release definitely has that feel to it that it’s not too far off from what a CULTFINDER show would sound like. They may not be trying to tread new ground here but they are pretty damn good at making Blackened Thrash Metal or Thrashened Black Metal or whatever you want to call it.

3 Star Rating

1. Heathen Visions
2. All Conquering Death
3. The Devil’s Whore
4. Morbid Breed
5. Drink to the Devil
6. Unholy Orders
7. The Scourging Angel
Necroskull – Bass
Wilbeherit – Drums
Rob Belial – Guitars / Vocals
Record Label: Eldritch Lunar Miasma Records


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