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Cultum Interitum - Poison of Being

Cultum Interitum
Poison of Being
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 15 October 2020, 6:29 AM

There are times when bands becomes enslaved by artistic/musical conceptions, and even trying to show something of their own, their musical work becomes heavily damaged by the musical influences and the conceptions of what is and how to play a musical genre, creating a set of difficulties to a personal approach on music. And coming from Poland, the trio CULTUM INTERIUM shows a band that isn’t suffering heavily of what is described above, but what “Poison of Being” (their latest release) shows is that they have to improve.

It’s an aggressive form of Black Metal with strong influences from the past, with a somber and slow set of tempos (there are fast parts, but the in greater part of time, things are slower and oppressive), and it’s not a sin to say that there are a strong dark and esoteric aura permeating their songs (as some moments of “Into the Ossuary” and “Funeral Womb” show). But even their talent is great, they still have to deal with their influences to make something better, to turn such potential in a great form of music. They can, but they must throw away such great respect for conceptions, and dare to make things on their own.

The production main vision was to create something rusty and darkened, but respecting what was done on the early years of Black Metal. It sounds crude and abrasive, but sometimes, this model used (and popularized) by BEHERIT and BLASPHEMY (here presented in a better shape, thought). Maybe a cleaner sound would give them the right appeal for their musical work.

Musically, the album has a morbid and sinister appeal, though some of their musical influences are too clear (the essence of Old School Black Metal from the beginning of the 90’s is extremely clear). And songs as the brutal “Souldesecration” (very good ambience and aggressive appeal, with good guitars), the darkened “Into the Ossuary”, the massive weight of “Poison of Being”, and “Desecration of Light” are the right ones to observe and to testify their talent. But the haunting influences that can be felt is pushing them back. It’s time for going into the future.

A better sound quality on the next time, along with some maturing, will help CULTUM INTERITUM to become a remarkable name. For now, “Poison of Being” is just pointing the way they must follow for such a thing to happen.

Songwriting: 7
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 5
Production: 5

3 Star Rating

1. Souldesecration
2. Into the Ossuary
3. Funeral Womb
4. Poison of Being
5. Chalice of Omega
6. Desecration of Light
E. - Vocals, Guitars, Bass
S. R. - Guitars
B. - Drums
Record Label: Godz ov War Production


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