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Cultum Interitum - Veneration Of The New Dawn

Cultum Interitum
Veneration Of The New Dawn
by Craig Rider at 18 October 2021, 2:48 PM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I am proud to present to you: CULTUM INTERITUM; signed via Godz ov War Productions, hailing from Polish grounds - performing Black/Death Metal, on their sophomore album entitled: "Veneration Of The New Dawn" (released July 26th, 2021). Since formation in 2017; the trio in question have a Demo entitled "Sorgspell" (released December 19th, 2017); an EP entitled "Temple Of The Triumphant Death" (released March 17th, 2018), a Single entitled "Deathlust" (released November 28th, 2018) and 2 Full-length albums entitled "Poison Of Being" (released August 31st, 2020) amongst "Veneration Of The Triumphant Death" of which I am introduced to. 6 tracks ranging at around 31:41; CULTUM INTERITUM arrange an intricately designed formula on some heavy-hitting Black/Death Metal amalgamations.

Opening up with this ambient atmosphere of static sound waves in a deathly dungeon of malice, this spoken word titan unearths this majestic forcefield of oppression within "Veneration I". Bombarding eardrums with nothing more than a blistering barrage frenzy in boisterously bouncy extremity, aggression & distorted hellfire - CULTUM INTERITUM unleash this massive foundation in borderline impact. Chugging grooves element at a savagely sinister overdose on amplified distortion, frolicking gallops and concretely gritty chaos that possesses souls to satan's whim - as berserking belters clobbers faces with smacking intensity, as fierce grinds herald with volatile malevolence. Consisting of E on voices, guitars and bass, the mad front man excels at a bruisin calamity in hostile growls of raspy throatiness amongst a guttural grovel of blood-curdling pipes that roar with monstrously meaty profanity.

"Veneration II" piledrives with more killer laceration on slaying rifts, where rampantly rompy yet rapidly swift nimbleness showcases this monotonous tempo of demented blasphemy. An audible bass crunch distributes thumpy pulverisation, while rambunctious slammings from battering drummer B hammers his set with steely precision. This brutal contortion shrouds speakers with wildly rushing severity, where visceral pandemonium ruthlessly pursuits this thunderous strike on quaking snares & scouring trailblazing that skyrockets with vibrantly potent substance. "Veneration III" stampedes with more organic rampaging, surging with shouty yells & razor-sharp rhythms that scourge profusely with robust firepower expertise that's suitable within these sub-genres – which merge stridently and effectively for that more sulfurous slab of solid mayhem.

SR also on guitars executes at a distilled fragmentation on steamrolling synergy, systematically supplying punchy tightness with weighty hooks and ferocious fretworks that chisels gruesomely with towering gravitation. As "Veneration IV" grips with salubriously strong pummels; pounding noise terror & more of those mystifying, synth-like arrays in deadly vehemence which adds a dynamic element amongst the ripping dexterity in distinctively chunky but choppy landscapes of vicious virulence throughout the stompy monarch of mythical manifestations in eerie but cavernous divinity that transfixes you into deciphering that presence of devilish hibernation that should not be revealed…yet eventually does for the sole purpose of total ruination.

The penultimate banger "Veneration V" bludgeons you with more pugnacious tonality, where this smouldering swerve of monolithic torment wrathfully drones a deprived implementation in fuzzy desecration & devastation that's ultimately not for the faint of heart… as bleeding empowerments embody an evil experiment in technical momentum, where primitively raw roughness utilises versatile yet ominously jarring spectrum on flickering havoc - near the end, an overrun malformation of transformative venom injects an infectiously dark forebode, giving listeners a calming reprieve until the overall meltdown "Veneration VI" concludes the record with mammoth stability, viciously providing more relentless malignance that will overtake you to break chairs over other chairs and destroy with seething distain.

Bottom line; I am compelled to say that CULTUM INTERITUM most surely outdone themselves with their second offering, "Veneration Of The New Dawn" delivered a healthy dose of some tasteful, blackened death metal that will please fans greatly, while the tone isn't brilliantly polished I think this can be overlooked upon as it's usually a trait of these sub-genres. Filth grilled demoncy for all metalized satanists to enjoy, as an enjoyably entertaining discovery awaits you. Worthy of spinning & replaying a good few times, worth persevering through this prodigiously persisting manifold of oblivion. Do check it out!

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Veneration I
2. Veneration II
3. Veneration III
4. Veneration IV
5. Veneration V
6. Veneration VI
E - Voices, Guitars, Bass
SR - Guitars
B - Drums
Record Label: Godz Ov War Productions


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