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Cultura Tres - Camino de Brujos Award winner

Cultura Tres
Camino de Brujos
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 16 March 2023, 4:44 AM

As usual: to be in a certain Metal genre doesn’t mean to worship bands or to copy what was already done countless times before, just to fit in a model. Blast the limits off, use your own instincts to create fresh and relevant music! And this curse seems to be a torment within Sludge Metal acts, for a great part of them are always trying to be as filthy as they can, or are just copying something that already exists. And if one needs a compendium how to break rules and express personality on music, pay attention to what is heard on CULTURA TRES work, especially on their latest album “Caminos de Brujos”.

This South American quartet (with members hailing from Venezuela, Colombia and Brazil) pave their musical ways in a form that seems to be saying a total and big ‘FUCK YOU’ to rules that lies within Sludge Metal. It’s a fine recollection of different musical influences, from Sludge Metal to South American Groove Thrash Metal and hardcore (the strong influence of SEPULTURA on “Chaos A.D.” era is clear in some moments), many percussive elements of their natural regions, tons of filthy and uncompromised instrumental arrangements, some 70’s Hard Rock touches, clean vocals contrasting the harsh tunes, and more than words can describe.

It’s creative and without limits, as they experiment whatever they want, and expand frontiers, and the best way to understand their work is to hear and enjoy. Juan De Ferrari (the band’s guitarist) and Alonso Milano Mendoza worked on the recordings, while Alejandro Londoño (the vocalist/guitarist of the quartet) worked on the mixing and mastering. Everything keeps a level of filth (to have an organic impact), but always trying to be defined and understandable for everyone, what fits on the songs. And the artwork of Damian Michaels really shows very good taste.

All the songs of “Caminos de Brujos” are really excellent, even for those that aren’t fans of the genre. But for a first visit to their work, “The World and Its Lies” (an abrasive Hardcore/Groove/Sludge Metal song filled with a massive and crude energy, with very good guitar riffs and arrangements), “Signs” (the greasy guitars riffs seem to be remnants of SEPULTURA’s “Roots”, but with some 70’s Heavy Metal and Hard Rock touches, with a very good rhythmic support of bass guitar and drums, but pay attention to the Progressive Rock part in the middle of the song), “The Land” and “Proxy War” (both songs are bitter and oppressive, sharing the same elements as nasty ambiences and snarls of the vocals filling all the spaces), “19 Horas” (again some influences of the 70’s entangled with their Sludge Metal slow tempos, but the Gothic whispers fits on the grinding instrumental parts of the song), “Zombies” (the inner hardcorized elements of the band become evident due its catchy fast tempos), and “Camino de Brujos” will do the presentation. But on CD version there’s a bonus track, “The Smell of Death”, oppressive and disturbing due its crude ambience.

It’s not a sin to say that CULTURA TRES is the best name in the Sludge Metal scene today, because “Caminos de Brujos” shows a creative and courageous band that isn’t afraid of using anything they want to improve their music. If you have doubts about it, I invite you to hear the album.

Songwriting: 10
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. The World and Its Lies
2. Time is Up
3. Signs
4. The Land
5. Proxy War
6. 19 Horas
7. Zombies
8. De Maracay
9. The Smell of Death
10. Camino de Brujos
Alejandro Londoño - Guitars, Vocals
Juan De Ferrari - Guitars
Paulo Jr. - Bass
Jerry Vergara Cevallos - Drums
Record Label: AJM/Bloodblast


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