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Culture Killer - Throes of Mankind

Culture Killer
Throes of Mankind
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 01 January 2016, 10:19 PM

Well, well… Time's up to some brutality, I believe…

Yes, brutality, but fused with good taste and a very good technical approach is what the North American quintet CULTURE KILLER, from Daytona Beach (Florida), that is unleashing their musical fury on "Throes of Mankind", their first album.

Yes, they unleash a violent assault with an aggressive way into music that is a fusion of Death Metal oppressive way and brutality, with a refinement and hooking energy that comes from Thrash Metal. No, no, and no, it's not that same and known mix we call Thrash/Death Metal, or Death/Thrash Metal. No, they are doing something extremely different from these. I believe that they are expanding limits and trying to find a new way into the brutal styles of Metal. And they can find it!

Sometimes fast and aggressive, sometimes slower and bitter, always brutal and oppressive, their musical attack is done using harsh and nasty vocals (that uses shrieked, guttural or abrasive normal tunes), a guitar duo that fuses technique and brutality, and a brutal and thundering rhythmic session. And gathering these elements together in this energetic and hooking way is not something very easy to do.

"Throes of Mankind" has as its sound engineers Austin Coupe and Kenny Gil (this one had done the mixing as well), and was mastered by Alan Douches. Their works resulted in something brutal and oppressive in musical terms, but clean and dry, so we can hear all the musical instruments and arrangements without difficulties. And the artwork is really disturbing for the fans that are not used to extreme Metal ways.

In the violent chaos caused by their 10 extreme pieces of destruction, their best songs are the extreme and fast "Blindfolded Death" (a storm of excellent riffs and thrashing energy, full of rhythmic changes), the oppressive "Path of Reflection" (using of not so extreme fast tempos, presenting very good work on bass and drums, with very good technical level), the bitterness of "Cloaked in Deceit" (with a hooking and technical work done by the rhythmic session once more, creating a strong basis for the guitars and vocals strike with thundering fury), the harsh and brutal grasp heard on "(Sub)Stance", the raw energy that "Flesh Empire" unleashes with excellent guitars, and Hell on Earth called "Inhuman Nature" (what are these nasty vocals??? Excellent work, indeed).

With a so violent and tasty music like this, these guys really are a great promise for the future. But now, it's an excellent piece of brutal music.

4 Star Rating

1. Blindfolded Death
2. Path of Reflection
3. Exterminate Filth
4. Cloaked in Deceit
5. Throes
6. Justice Through Retaliation
7. (Sub)Stance
8. Flesh Empire
9. Hellbent
10. Inhuman Nature
Ian Campbell - Vocals
Trevor Kopp - Guitar
Hunter Young - Guitar, Vocals
Collin Townsend - Bass
Dylan Blow - Drums
Record Label: Metal Blade Records


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