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Cursed Sails - Rotten Society

Cursed Sails
Rotten Society
by Daniel Fox at 03 July 2014, 2:09 PM

CURSED SAILS are one of a large number of fragmentational acts to have trickled out from the recent waves of American Metalcore bands, notable for containing brothers Ben and Cory from the now-defunct WOE, IS ME. While their new release, "Rotten Society", may sound nearly identical to previous albums, as is often the case, it is important not to jump to this as a moot criticism. I can count a number of bands in my own discography that steer clear from change; I'm sure many of you can too.

"Dead Daze" has a heavy, pounding and structurally accessible intro, which is soon dominated by an archetypal Metalcore riff. I was immediately taken aback by the vocals, which are torn strenuously between high-register screams and a characteristically Thrashy approach; put Ben in front of a Thrash band, minus the giveaway Metalcore chugga-chugs, and my point is proven. Although definitely an acquired taste, they fit the track well, lending a percussiveness to the already highly kinetic arrangement. "Like a Chemical" is as trivial as it sounds, but if anything, I'm sure that was the intent; the ground-stomping riffs, suffocating chord progressions and vocal shutter have achieved and overly-theatric result. The lads were even kind enough to add a breakdown to the END of the track, rather than unnecessarily dragging it out with an interlude.

"Amazing Grace" is an eclectically satirical track; rooted down by jarringly-heavy and powerful Hardcore riffs, its powerful chorus is as you probably expected, taking a lyrical jab at the original. Not necessarily a cover, but a twisted, disparaged re-imagining. Funnily enough, one of the better tracks on the record. "With Malice Pt. 2" resonates with a 'classically-Metalcore' intro, but the remainder of the track manages to surprised with subtle nuances in the rhythm section arrangements, although, overall, it is perhaps one of the more repetitive pieces. The fact I have not yet been able to point that out going down the discography, is praise in itself.

Some of the more zealous fans claiming themselves "true to the genre" may not be able to stand this, if they cite prepositioned "copy-pasts" from previous bands. But the fact of the matter is, for the genre of music the band plays (which I do not actively enjoy), "Rotten Society" is actually a decent album.

3 Star Rating

1. Dead Daze
2. Thunderbird
3. Like a Chemical
4. Gasoline
5. 21
6. Amazing Grace
7. The Great Gold Rush
8. Chernobyl
9. With Malice Pt. 2
10. Smart Ass
Ben Ferris – Vocals
Cory Ferris - Bass
Brent Guistwite - Drums
Omar Magana - Guitars
Record Label: Rise Records


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