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Cutterred Flesh - Sharing is Caring

Cutterred Flesh
Sharing is Caring
by Hutch at 03 January 2022, 2:36 AM

If bruising extreme death metal from the Czech Republic is your thing, chances are that you’ll already be aware of the bludgeoning brutality of the quintet known as CUTTERRED FLESH. Having been active for two decades, this ferocious outfit have clearly refined their delivery from their early demos and debut release “Torture is Medicine” in 2007. Whilst they adopt a similar gore-soaked approach as many of their peers, the savagery with which they dispense these 34 minutes of aural assault is such that one must surely rate them as premier league competitors.

There is a definite pattern that CUTTERRED FLESH follow on this album. It mainly involves steamrollering anything in their path with battering drums, searing dual guitars, and growling vocals that match most who delivery contemporary death metal. Whilst there is the inevitable nod to the old school, “Sharing is Caring” also brings a flesh slab of twitching meat to the feast. The opening track, “Virbo Vulnificus” begins at blistering pace, takes a short deep breath, and then plunges into a blood-soaked lake of explosive riffs, underpinned by a grinding groove which allows for a bit of nodding. In fact, the pace slows substantially for a couple of minutes before picking up the pace once more. Gang chants accompany vocalist Jirka Krš’s snarling delivery. It’s a hammer to the cranium, but one that leaves the sinews intact for the second wave.

Confusion then sets in as a child’s toybox lulls one into a state of bemusement; it doesn’t last long though as the blast beats erupt and screams and roars burst out of the speakers. “Black Aurora” is as punishing as the opening song. And so, it continues for the next 28 or so minutes.

There are some classic death metal titles to behold.  “Where Only Old Flesh Stinks”, surely the anthem of care homes across the world in the past two years begins with melodic guitar harmonies but soon brings the darkness and the demonic. Huge riffs dominate the bizarrely named “Good Boy – Romantic Relationship with Necrotic Tissue”, a demanding slab of muscular power. The sledgehammer pounding of “Amused by the Tenacity of a Dying Whore” is as gruelling as the title is inappropriate.

Closing with the bonus track, “Progressive Body Adjustment”, which provides one final kick to the sternum just as you are hopeful you’ve avoided a good kicking, CUTTERRED FLESH ensure that this album will live long in the memory. Next to that aural boot print on the back of the skull. Ouch!

Song writing:  7
Musicianship: 7
Memorability: 7
Production:  7

3 Star Rating

1. Vibro Vulnificus
2. Black Aurora
3. Where Only Old Flesh Stinks
4. Good Boy – Romantic Relationship with Necrotic Tissue
5. The Mystery of the Black Hen
6. Amused by the Tenacity of a Dying Whore
7. Knife is not the Enemy
8. My Favourite Bodybag
9. Progressive Body Adjustment (Bonus)
Jirka Krš: Vocals
Vitalij V. Novák: Guitars
David Krombholz: Guitars
Zdenek Hnizdil: Bass
Frantisek Drazdansky: Drums

Record Label: Transcending Obscurity Records


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