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Cyanide Scream - Battle On

Cyanide Scream
Battle On
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 10 June 2013, 9:21 PM

Laying down the seeds of the past within our midst, which is the name of the game, where the old Metal protectors return with vengeance against the industry and its modernization. Might sound like a cliché’ even today as there have been numerous Metal acts that have been recreating hoarier moments of the 80s golden age of Metal. Another one for the collection one might add, but I believe individuality should be in order when approaching each group. So there I present you the US based Heavy Metal band, from the Mesa area of Arizona to be exact, named CYANIDE SCREAM, commanded by solo artist, Steve Cone, which has been his own vigilante, releasing plenty of albums on his own accord. I can’t say that I listened to any of his works, but I sensed that CYANIDE SCREAM is a step forward for the guy; even his trio lineup consists of members that contributed to his longstanding solo venture. Ramming forward, the band released its second burnt offering, “Battle On”, once again via Killer Metal Records. Heavy Metal is the name, and the poison will possibly lead to fame. Not quite in this album’s case, but still prepare for an 80s joy ride.

From 80s US Metal through the toughened edges of Hard Rock, applying a straightforward tourism, overturning nearly every stone in their path, claiming their hot spot within the 80s memorandum. Believe me that the list of bands for comparison is quite long, so this time I will save it from you. Whether it is the sound or the actual material, CYANIDE SCREAM seemed to have found an appropriate spot to hang on to. Steve Cone, other than being a talented guitar player and his experience is quite evident when it comes to 80s oriented riffery, he also asserted himself as a rather competent lead vocalist. He might not have a wide range attached to this cords, not overly zealous, but recording several vocal channels really aided him reach a comfort zone. His peers at the rhythm section, Erk Fehrenbach and Mark Daven also played their part with finesse. Honestly, nothing of their playing was exaggeratedly breathtaking, but still tight and hard as a rock, and that is a crucial element when playing traditional Metal.

“Battle On” is the grounds of classic type riffing, including various of melodies, a few grooves lines and sleek soloing. Of course, there is the reoccurring formula of catchy vibes. “In the Cold”, a bright mix of Hard Rock meets Heavy Metal, really got me going while “I Need to Break It” sent shards of anger, one of the album’s heaviest pieces that includes a few harmonious instants. It sounded simple to manifest in overall, but it was right on the spot and for me to devour. “Holding On”, another heavy number, maintained its role as the opening shrapnel with crude Heavy Metal with an entertaining chorus that can also serve as a cool sing along. “Run for Your Life” is a nasty assassin looking for prey, no messing around just straight up chop, casual melodic twitches, absolute soloing and hard banging drumming.  To conclude this old school hangout, “Battle On” is a thirteen track crusade through Heavy Metal through the eyes of Steve Cone plus extras; it bites, kills but also serves the veterans of the genre.

4 Star Rating

1. Holding On
2. Run for Your Life
3. I Believed Everything
4. In the Cold
5. Better Man
6. Feast of the Flesh
7. Go !
8. I Need to Break It
9. Metal Head
10. Forever Holding On
11. Our Destiny
12. Together
13. Going Down
Steve Cone - Guitars / Vocals
Erk Fehrenbach - Drums
Mark Daven - Bass
Record Label: Killer Metal Records


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