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Cyber Cross - Mega Trip

Cyber Cross
Mega Trip
by Dimitris Karametros at 01 June 2010, 6:06 PM

Hello my dear Metal Temple readers. Today I will skip reviewing this album and talk to you about the necessity to practice safe sex…umm…I know, I know none of you cares about safe sex as long as it is 100% rough unbridled sex with two or more model statured women…OK, OK I cut the crap.

CYBER CROSS come from Padua, northern Italy and would like to play a crossover mix between Hardcore, semi-technical Metal and Goth. “Mega Trip” is their second album and unless they get serious or someone tells them that their music is fun but not fun enough, this album might be their last one. Seriously, get serious we are in need of bands that can give us something new and not give us a Cesar’s salad with French dressing.

CYBER CROSS try to play around the above mentioned themes but they get lost either within their passion to do so or they just have too much time to spare and they are bullshitting us around. The songs are not only lyrically weak but also the music is predictable like it was made in a PC via copy/paste. Again there is the conundrum of good musician playing bad music; how is this possible? Through a solid production maybe? Maybe.

Guitar wise they are about in the technical level I am, which doesn’t say much as I can play only three songs in my guitar. There is an angry yelling from the singer and although sometimes there is a seriousness in the music it's lost by the low ability.

The crossover genres kill each other systematically, example is when the Gothic song ends the Hardcore starts and becomes a Death Metal tune. Avoid is what I would suggest but that is just me. Better next time.

2 Star Rating

  1. Mega Trip
  2. Aggressive Side
  3. Black Dynamite
  4. Morderous Rhymes
  5. Noir
  6. Fuck You Blind
  7. Red Black Music From My Hell
  8. Regression
  9. Vampire Angle
  10. My Wonderfull Disaster
Alex Bevivino - Vocals
Camillo Colleluori - Drums
Nick Savio - Guitars
Simon Dredo - Bass
Record Label: Crash And Burn Records


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