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Cydonia - Cydonia (CD)

by Makis Kirkos at 26 May 2001, 11:25 AM

The band has been put together by vocalist Dan Keying, a well known guy in the Italian underground scene who first started his own power metal band resembling to early Helloween at their Michael Kiske times. After several years, guitarist Olaf Thorsen offered Dan to rehearse with his band, Labyrinth, right after Fabio Lione had left for personal reasons and to join Rhapsody later… Dan played a few shows along with Labyrinth while promoting their 'No Limits' CD in 1997, despite a successful tour he decided that Labyrinth's style was not his musical direction and gave up.

By the end of 1999 , Dan had finally made up his mind and founded Cydonia and his relationship with Olaf tightened up when the duo started working on Dan's own song-writing and putting his music into shape along with bass player Terence O' Neil , Labyrinth's drummer Matt Stancioiu and a new kid on the block, guitarist Steve Sguario, known for his totally extreme playing and different ideas from typical power metal performers.

This is Cydonia's debut album , called 'Cydonia'. I was shocked when I heard the first track of the album 'The King' and I immediately understood that here we have to deal with a gravity metal band. Just read further down the story of Cydonia's concept debut album, and if it doesn't make you go crazy I'll throw my PC out of the window…

Dan Keying is definitely Cydonia's front man and leader. His being religiously obsessed with the planet of Mars is reflected in Cydonia's lyrics and concept story…They were fully aware of the constantly impoverished conditions of all life support resources long before the planet would run dry for good: past wars, dying environment and endless negative events would definitely lead towards the end of their marvelous lands… Their rather advanced technology could be the only rescue allowing them to move away from the withering life and colonize a neighboring new world.

However, the new 'Blue planet' had already been colonized for the longest time by a far more civilized entity called the Masters of Stars, the one and only to have defeated the stiffness of the equation time/space by taking on the new laws defining the antimatter and looked up as 'Divinity' by the Martians themselves who had been developing their technology and science after them. On one hand, the 'Masters' had already transplanted their seeds of life by all means with its natural essence and taste, on the other one, by doing so, they couldn't help influencing it through their prodigious scientific knowledge.

Meanwhile, the dying Red Planet was running out of water… the wide irrigation canals were ceaselessly going empty despite the overall efforts to avoid it. The new world looked way more likely to be the future of the dying breed… everything was exactly as expected for a new beginning and it was found easy to take over. What would happen to the planet that had given them birth? Was it to be forgotten after all?

Mars died in a dismal frozen silence… weakening Sun light replaced by overlaying darkness, shadows casting over the remaining constructions…Planet Earth became their new home, monuments were built in memory of the everlasting deities called Master of Stars who lent their spiritual healing and help… We can slightly guess about what really happened to the original Mars inhabitants though funny legends or tales mixed up with religious beliefs and practices based on ancient population's word of mouth? So, are we really sure about roots? Why we are not aware of it yet? Who hides what?

Now you got the point ? BUY OR DIE !!!

4 Star Rating

The King
Legend In Time
Land Of Life
Great Soul Of Steel
Last Prayers
Confused Future
Masters Of Stars
Slave To Dream
Eternal Night
Dan Keying - vocals
Steve Sguario - guitar
Lee Crow - keyboards
Trevor O'neal - bass
Mat Stancioiu - drums
Record Label: Metal Blade


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