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Cynabare Urne - Obsidian Daggers and Cinnabar Skulls Award winner

Cynabare Urne
Obsidian Daggers and Cinnabar Skulls
by Laura Glover at 31 October 2020, 8:27 AM

Finnish Death Metal band, CYNABARE URNE, were created in 2014; shortly after putting out their first EP. After many years and many shows; they are proud to have finally released their debut album, “Obsidian Daggers and Cinnabar Skulls”, on October 30, 2020. With all the air of Halloween 2020, complete with a full moon the weekend of the release to boot. Reeking with ties to the occult and demonic entities maybe, this is the perfect time to release such a thing. For being a debut album, this is indeed one fine work of metal. From the album artwork, to the songs, and lyrical content; “Obsidian Daggers and Cinnabar Skulls” has a mix of sounds, from old school metal to newer style. It is worth noting that on Bandcamp one can even acquire the cassette tape of “Obsidian Daggers and Cinnabar Skulls”. Just in case you may still have that Walkman or Boombox.

Erida Evoken” - Coming in with a somewhat progressive metal sound, accompanied by heavy tremolo plucking on the guitar. Yet at times there is that melodic piece that peeks through. This is definitely a hard, fast, and face melting song through and through. Vocals growled darkly; their demonic message carried through on the waves from the heat from the hellfire's. “Hidden in the Higher Light” - Nothing in this song makes me think of “higher light”. More like darker dark. Jani’s vocals are truly the limelight to this album. Robust, full-bodied, loud, and growly. His voice commands the course to follow. A treacherous and evil course. Full of hidden snares and wicked entities. “Escaping Xibalba” - Definitely my favorite track on this album. The intro part of this song sucks me right in. This song opens with an almost tribal sounding drumbeat. Drumbeats are known to invoke trance when played in certain rhythms. A drums beat is not only very powerful, but revered throughout history as well for that power.  This song is also melodic at parts, beautifully rising and falling in tune. Yet retaining a darkness that could stain your soul.

Besmirch Curse” - Carried swiftly by dark vocals into the depth of the darkness as it devours your soul. Pitifully you cry out, to no avail, as the stain starts to overtake you. Slowly it swallows all that was good within you. Leaving you with nothing but rage. Guttural yells to eternity, raging at the cage in which you were freed. Torn between desire to run free, and the all-encompassing desire to sink deeper and deeper into the darkness. Until no one will ever see your face again as it is enveloped by the murkiness. “Misotheist” - With a title that translates literally into “hatred for God” or “hatred of the gods”, the darkness continues. Methodically leading a way on a windy and despairing path. This song has some epic guitar riffs! Well, can’t worship demons without wicked guitar, right?

Obsidian Daggers and Cinnabar Skulls” is a great album to use as your Halloween 2020 soundtrack! In need of a song to play while you say incantations to Hades and dance in a circle under the moonlight, wearing long robes and waving potions bottles? This is THE RIGHT album for you. Do you need an album to blare while blankly staring at your very Christian mother, the same one who scorns on your love of metal music? This is just perfect for you. All that aside, this album would be great any time of year too. I digress, it doesn’t have to be Halloween to celebrate the darker things in life. Happy Halloween and go forth and be safe but have fun!

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 9
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Erida Evoken
2. Prometheus Bound
3. Hidden in the Higher Light
4. Baal-Berit
5. Escaping Xibalba
6. Dauntless They Are
7. Besmirch Curse
8. De Inferi Chaos
9. Last of the Icons Alive
10. Misotheist
Jani Koskela – Guitar and Vocals
Sameli Koykka – Bass
Ville Salonen – Drums
Record Label: Helter Skelter Productions


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