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Cynic - Traced In Air (CD)

Traced In Air
by Yiannis Dafopoulos at 19 October 2008, 1:27 PM

Who would expect something like that? The gods of technical (or may I say Jazz?) Death Metal are back in action after 15 whole years of sleep? And me being the devil's advocate I will start with some questions. Can they still do the miracles they did back then? Are the new members able to lift the name of CYNIC on their shoulders? Isn't Sean Reinert one of the best fucking drummers out there?

The Miami, Florida based metallers are surely one of the few bands that managed to earn the respect of probably the whole Metal scene with one official full-length album. Except for some demos, the work that made CYNIC what they are, is the 1993 incredible album Focus, the album that offered them their godlike status. When they released Focus, they laid to rest just to be resurrected 15 years later with some new additions to the line up and a brand new album through the French label Season Of Mist Records.

For those who had some doubts about the quality of Traced In Air, I can say that it is equally good (if not slightly better) as Focus. Remember those freaky weird vocal effects? They are still here. Remember the insane drum parts of Reinert? They are still here. Remember the jazzy guitars that would give you a small dose of brutality out of the blue and would return to a melodic line immediately? They are still here, too. And the question is… Is CYNIC a Metal band or is it something else that is just being loved to death by metallers around the world? Hmmm, let's stick to the technical Death Metal term since it will be a pain in the ass trying to categorize CYNIC.

Masvidal's weird vocals - as mentioned above - are still here being the trademark of CYNIC's sound for one more time, while the fresh blood Kruidenier often interrupts Masvidal's psychedelic monologue for some screams. Traced In Air seems to be one of the best Metal (?!) releases for 2008 and I guess none can say the opposite. Musicians like Reinert and Malone always know what they are doing. So, ATHEIST reunited, PESTILENCE reunited, too and CYNIC returned after 15 years with a kick ass album! Who else is left?

4 Star Rating

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Nunc Stans
Paul Masvidal - Vocals, Guitar
Sean Reinert - Drums, Keyboards
Sean Malone - Bass, Chapman Stick
Tymon Kruidenier - Guitar, Vocals
Record Label: Season Of Mist Records


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