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Cynthesis - Re-Evolution

by YngwieViking at 20 June 2013, 1:34 PM

CYNTHESIS is this; one of a kind type of band built by, the heavenly gifted TIPTONS twin Brothers, and is a terrific evolution or the maturated development of the early line-up of ZERO HOUR under an incredible and unstoppable expansion spirit.

In fact after recruiting vocalist extraordinaire Chris Salinas (ex-POWER OF OMENS) in 2006, the sound of the band changes dramatically switching for a more straight and lyrical style, (both “Dark Deceiver” & “Specs Of Pictures Burnt Beyond” are vigorously suggested in the most powerful way) unfortunately their fantastic constant improvement and their magnification were brutally stopped after an harsh injuries experienced by Bass player Troy Tipton , so the band placed its activities on ice hold (officially split up in 2013), then giving birth on a dual of new progressive Metal bands : one with original ZERO HOUR singer Erik Rosvold, with also  Sean Flanagan (ENCHANT) on Drums, under the moniker of CYNTHESIS and the side-project ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS : an instrumental trio featuring the former ZERO HOUR's drums basher , opposed but linked forever, like a two sided coin.

The second album “ReEvolution” is the predicted sequel of the developed elements of a gloomy story , about a dystopian future including modern slavery/brainwashing/mass atrocities and financial speculation against native tribes, a real concept album in two episodes strongly influenced by film scores , with a new refined freshness and  as well a 'never heard before' fluidity in the Jasun Tipton’s playing & songwriting.

While ABNORMAL THOUGHT PATTERNS brand new album (“Manipulation Under Anesthesia” released on late May by Lifeforce Records) is more ferocious than ever, pushing the intricacy at the maximum with almost bio-mechanism playing / inhuman rhythmic and improving the ultra-hi-tech playing onto unreached stellar territories , CYNTHESIS is the antithesis, more spacey, emotional, with some sudden bursting of aggression and a few shredding parts , but most of the time playing with your nerves and speculating more on the atmospheric side: both outlet seems to be complementary like Gemini brothers.

But don’t get me wrong, the talent and the obvious technical ability of the virtuoso musicians involved here , is still head and shoulders above the average new generation of Prog / Metalcore, with also some whirlwind hyper fast metallic blast on the instrumental “Convergence” notably some hallucinating unison amazing licks between bass & guitar.

After published the debut album called “DeEvolution” in 2011 full of wide liquid texture, the band stated in the pres , that a new chapter was already recorded at the time. So it’s easy to understand why “ReEvolution” could be considered as the perfect follow up and a new upscale, scattering the same dark vibe, the same density and sometimes the same organic floating feeling with noble melodies and elegant tracks such as “The Grand Facade”, the great “The Most Trivial Pursuit” or “Persistence Of Visions” that contains also a few intellectual hits melted with smooth, ethereal introspective flavored elements far from the ZERO HOUR extreme style (as in the short “Divine Night” or in “The Noble Lie” both related with a strong PINK FLOYDian melodic link) before entering again in a frenzy of note with the middle part of the hypnotic “Release the Deity” as a closing matter.

Some will name this: Post-Prog Metal or Sci-Fi Prog Rock, why not! But it’s necessary to find a new genre name, for such an original patented mix of elusive and blistering moments, breaking all the stylistic rules to reach a new higher state of perception… Hey wait a minute that’s the definition of Prog Metal, isn’t it?

4 Star Rating

1. Divine Night
2. Convergence
3. The Grand Façade
4. A Most Trivial Pursuit
5. Persistence Of Visions
6. The Noble Lie
7. Release The Deity
Jasun Tipton - Lead Guitars / Keyboards
Troy Tipton - Bass
Erik Rosvold - Vocals
Sean Flanegan - Drums
Record Label: Sensory Records


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