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Cypecore – Identity

by Anton Sanatov at 15 October 2016, 10:45 PM

Welcome to the new age…a place where moral fibres are replaced by optical illusions of accelerated times and atomic calculations. The matter has long forgotten all organic origins and every cubic inch of air is electrified by a thousand volts, and as the cables slither like snakes across the scorched earth of former Eden, they wrap around our feet and plug us into the future.

The vision of a cyber-dominant dystopia has long been a source of inspiration for many artists. Be it film, graphics or music, the concept of a chaotically technocratic civilisation has provided a plethora of arousing material for cyber-punk fetishists across the spectrum.

Although whilst it may be a fairly straight-forward stylistic trait for a band to implement into their sound and image, any conceptual musical direction requires more than just a superficial immersion in the source material. And on “Identity”, the self-described Cyber-Thrashers CYPECORE showcase that they are indeed invested in showing us a glimpse of the future, even if it is full of lifeless drones.

In its bionic essence, “Identity” should be your Wachowski Bros. inspired piece of cybernetic industrial candy with a post-apocalyptic flavour. After an obligatory programmed intro it connects into “Saint of Zion” and sends out a call to the human resistance with a “Feuer Frei!” inspired riff and a huge, melodic chorus; this is truly the one to hear.

As the record progresses, the band goes on to offer some more solid, tightly-bolted anthems with tracks like “Hollow Peace”, “Drive” and the slow, almost Resident Evil-inspired biological experiment that is “Identity”. However, even though their sound does display admirable tonal cohesion, it lacks the adrenaline required to make it beyond the typical form of a mass produced trinket. Yes, it’s heavy and presents the “cool” characterises of its thematic inclination, but it doesn’t possess the urgency for true deliverance.

Whilst “Identity’s” share of electronic melodic elements – seen in aforementioned tracks - do manage to make it somewhat more pliable in certain places, they become buried under a barrage of conventional songwriting, rigid structures and two-dimensional battery. Admittedly, the drum work of Tobias Derer is indeed superb and clearly establishes itself as a domineering presence throughout the record with its robotic precision and tireless pedal action, but whilst it gives the album the mechanized atmosphere that the band is going for, it also distracts the listener from the already somewhat scarce melodic elements of the record. The latter part of course is largely a fault of the production, which sees the mix smother every track in drums and vocals thus leaving its melodic spark to suffocate.

Overall – for all that’s been said, I wouldn’t discard “Identity” as a bad record; just a rather disappointing one. CYPECORE fail to capitalise on an interesting conceptual premise by sticking to formulaic sonic tendencies and tedious songwriting, thus leaving fans sighing in their gas masks. Their commitment to a brighter future may be strong, but the resolve of this particular “Identity” is far too weak to make a change.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 5
Memorability: 5
Production: 6

3 Star Rating

  1. Intro
  2. Saint of Zion
  3. Where the World Makes Sense
  4. My Confession
  5. Hollow Peace
  6. Identity
  7. Drive
  8. A New Dawn
  9. The Abyss
  10. The Void
  11. Outro
  12. The Hill Have Eyes - Bonus Tracks
Christoph “Chris” Heckel – Bass
Tobias Derer – Drums
Nils “Nelson” Lesser – Guitars
Christoph “Greek” Rogdakis – Guitars, Keyboards
Dominic Christoph – Vocals
Evan K – Guitars
Record Label: Adulruna Records


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