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Cyphonism – Cosmic Voidance

Cosmic Voidance
by Phil Tyler at 02 July 2022, 10:32 PM

CYPHONISM are a German Death Metal band formed in 2011. "Cosmic Voidance" is their second album and is released by Black Sunset.

They call themselves Depraved Death Metal though not sure how depraved as I didn’t have a copy of the lyrics. Their songs are steeped in Sci Fi and cosmic horror and the album opens with “Cult Of Black” which is an impressive opener. Blast beats and pummelling tech-metal riffage make you want to headbang. It sounds well produced and the death vocals are nicely in the mix and you can actually make out some of the lyrics. Patrick Moers does a good job here and the vocals complement the music very well though he sounds like a ‘drain’ at one point which is a vocal style I haven’t heard before.

On “Kalleth I Khaos” the growls are very good and atmospheric alongside the relentless barrage of blast beats and technical riffs.

“Nations slowly torn apart by the wrath of man” he growls and nice to hear some of the lyrics for a change with this style of music.

“Unholy Agenda” has heavy tech metal riffage over blast beats. Later in the track machine-gun riffs hit hard before speeding off. There’s an interesting spoken word vocal which adds a different dynamic to the song before the chaos ensues. Heavy machine-gun riffing ends the track which I really enjoyed.

A different dynamic is also added to “Eternal Winter” which is probably my favourite track on the album. After an intense intro, the song introduces some echoed guitar over swathes of cymbals before the track increases in intensity. It's the latter half of the track though which really impresses as a slow doomy guitar riff and echoed guitar play over a solitary drum beat which creates a dense wall of sound. It’s incredibly atmospheric with the death vocals steering the song to a dark apocalyptic oblivion.

“Strix” is relentless mayhem and the ‘drain’ vocals return, whilst “Plague River” has a nice melodic chorus and creates a dense atmosphere as the track ends over an reverberated guitar and machine-gun blast beats.

All in all, CYPHONISM have produced an impressive Death Metal album with the ability to add some dense atmosphere when needed over tech-metal riffage, blast beats and great vocals. There is some variety also with the different dynamics on display and I would certainly listen to it again and fans of this genre will find much to enjoy through its 35-minute runtime.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 7
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1 Cult Of Black
2 Kalleth I Kaos
3 Bearer Of Flames
4 Unholy Agenda
5 A Goddess Defaced
6 Eternal Winter
7 Entrailed In Darkness
8 Strix
9 Plague River
10 Midir
Patrick Moers - Vocals
Julian Muller – Guitars/Bass
Aljoscha Topel - Guitars/Bass
Levin Mueller- Drums
Johan Niemann – Bass
Record Label: Black Sunset / MDD Records


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