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Cyrence - The Hospital Award winner

The Hospital
by Alexander Naylor at 10 June 2015, 10:28 PM

“The Hospital” is the 2nd EP from the German thrashers CYRENCE. This band was originally formed back in 2006 in Munich, Germany and they released their first EP “Endtime Stories” in 2009. This EP is 7 tracks of glorious, headbang-worthy thrash metal at its finest. Germany is famous for producing some of the best thrash metal since METALLICA and SLAYER emerged from the Bay Area of San Francisco, such as bands like KREATOR, SODOM, TANKARD, and DESTRUCTION. CYRENCE follow in the steps of these bands with some of the best new thrash released this year.

This EP starts out with a short piano led track titled “A New Beginning” which leads you into a false sense of security with its “Black Album”-like calmness. This track leads straight into “Dystopia”, which is the track where the band really shows their talent. The riffs are fairly generic in terms of the normal thrash formula of fast and heavy with the occasion solo thrown in. However, this is not a bad thing. If it isn’t broken, don’t fix it! The vocals sound similar to James Hetfield on occasion, but do become closer to the more thrashy vocals of Mille Petrozza (KREATOR) at other times. It’s definitely a nice mix of vocal styles to suit any kind of thrash fan.

The tracks on this EP are all quite long compared to most thrash songs with the shortest full length track being 4:28 minutes and the longest being a whopping 7:22 minutes. This is a bit long for thrash to be honest; it’s always best to keep thrash tracks between the 3 to 4 minute marks so the listener keeps concentrating on the songs.

The only downsides to this EP are the track lengths and that there’s nothing really new going on. Apart from that, this EP is full of really solid riffs with a bit of melody thrown in, especially on “I Won’t Fall” which is one of the slower songs on the EP. The drumming is pretty good with a fairly simple beat laid down in every song with the generic blast beats and snare-loving going on. Overall, CYRENCE have released some excellent thrash here and we will hopefully be seeing them tour soon!

4 Star Rating

1. A New Beginning
2. Dystopia
3. This Life
4. The Hospital
5. I Won’t Fall
6. You Kill Me
7. Purity Control
Tim Grathwohl - Vocals, Rhythm Guitars
Dominic Millett - Lead Guitars, Animals
Chris Hammer - Bass, Backing Vocals
Thomas Goldberg - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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