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Cytotoxin - Gammageddon Award winner

by Andrej Romić (Nekrst Fanzine) at 19 June 2017, 9:04 PM

You might be wondering why am I so early with this review, since the album is coming out in like a month (July 21st, for those curious), and my answer would consist of two mini answers: one of them being that I want to give the band the needed support, and also make you, the fans realize that you should totally get this album, and the other (main reason) is that I love the “Chernobyl Death Metal” squad! I love ‘em! Love every single release they have put out (and there’s not a lot of them). Plus it took them a massive five years to release this brand new beast of an album! So, let’s get right into it, or better say dive into it.

CYTOTOXIN, based out of Chemnitz, Saxony (Germany) have put out three fine quality albums so far in their seven-year career, and those albums were, let’s be honest, earth shaking, massive opuses! They were simply destructive - starting with the debut “Plutonium Heaven”, which consisted of seven malevolently brutal tracks. It was good, pure, raw and massive.

Yet for me, and I assume for a lot of other people, the breakthrough was made by the second full-length album “Radiophobia”. I would’ve understood if some people weren’t fans of the debut, but those who disliked their second one were just wrong; whatever their opinion was – they were darn wrong. That album was “the shit”. Ten tracks (a bit more than thirty-seven minutes in total) of destructive, massive and brutal riffs throughout the entire album; along with some tasty bass, furious drums, and wickedly evil vocals of the most brutal Slam oriented bands. Technicality, brutality, everything was equal, but no genre could stand out in this badass mix, everything was perfect. So now that the time has come for a third installment, you’re all asking yourselves: how does it sound? Well, “Gammageddon” is another 10 track offering, but believe it or not, so far it’s the longest one. Although there are two tracks that are currently available online (and perhaps more are coming), I still need to warn you that if you’re not into this type of genre, do not start with CYTOTOXIN, because they are seriously going to blow you away, in a way you might not even like it, but for those like me, who awaited this album with grinding teeth, I’ll start describing it right about now.

Radiatus Generis”, the first track, is so stereotypical of the band it’s almost unbelievable, and when I say that I mean that the band never ceases to amaze its fans with constant brutality. This track already opened up the massive atmosphere that this album demonstrates later on. It instantly reminded me of the first track off the previous album, called “Survival Matrix”. Basically, the track is furious because the first part has intense pig squeals, covered by the incredibly fast and technical guitar riffs, the sweet bass, the huge groove jumps, and the overall brutal atmosphere which contains a lot of various vocal types; some of them being more understandable growls, whilst the rest are just fading out vocals. Great start.

The best way to describe “Chaos Cascade” would be to take small fireplace and add a ton of gasoline. The first song preheated the entire atmosphere to an already burning sensation, and the second track is on top. It’s a bit slower than the first one but still furious and massive. The growls are more intense here, and they are focused on one tone, which is good in my opinion. I seriously cannot comprehend all the grooves I experienced on this track; it’s just too brutal.

The title track “Gammageddon” continues where the previous one left off and the first one too…with brutality, but in a more brutal way…get it? CYTOTOXIN gets more brutal with every single track. No? Okay. I still think they are the masters at doing this. They lack no musical surprises, and they perfectly describe everything that happened on the tragic day of the Chernobyl disaster. Their music simply shakes you up both lyrically and musically, you truly feel all the radiation sickness people had to go through, and you feel it in a transcendental way through the scary, blood-chilling music. It’s a great track.
Chernopolis” surprised me the most, because it is once again a track that doesn’t lean toward the fast, technical side, but the more groovy and brutal side, which is obviously slower and more concentrated on pure songwriting and instrumentation. It is no wonder that I couldn’t hear any vocals at the first half of the song, since it’s almost a seven-minute long track. Still, I am glad to hear some influences from the older days, where rawness and greasiness in the sound mattered most. This track provides a great nostalgic feeling to those wild crazy maniacs who like to groove dance whilst slamming the sh*t out of themselves at a concert (or maybe at home too); no doubt that no one would survive a gig with this band, and I seriously want to see them live…even if it will be the last thing I see. A great and deep solo can be heard at the half, the vocals are not dull and everything is well concentrated and well put.

Deadzone Outpost” starts with a creepy intro of someone dying and taking his last, deep breaths, and some fire cracking in the distance, plus some radiation meters…can this thing get even more brutal? Absolutely; I know these guys, I knew that after the intro ended that I was going to be blown away. Russians talking…goddamn I was getting chills from these intros! Everything is so apocalyptic. The intro ended and “Redefining Zenith” was what I was waiting for - I had no idea the previous track was only an intro, but yeah, this was the blast we were all waiting for – I instantly had to jump when I heard the first scream. ABORTED vibes here and there, although the band remains very creative and original when it comes to the vocals and the riffs. The riffs themselves sound so intelligent, so well written and so well executed that you cannot remain still and listen to this track.

Okay I mentioned ABORTED and I can swear that I heard the vocalist of the band. I am 99% sure. That’s awesome! What could be a better combo than those two bands? This surprising guest spot made this track even better. I enjoyed a bit more and then we were off to the next thing by the name of “Corium Era”. Drums entered, followed by the riffs and the bass and lastly the ultra deep vocals, which sounded slightly like something from the band’s middle era, and when I say that, I definitely mean their second album. Why do I think that? The answer lies in the mix of genres. This track is ‘massive’ in the most possible sense of the word. It combines everything I love about this band - the pure technical passages, the brutal and slamming parts, the grooves, the nasty vocals, the pure riffs, the bass solos, everything is beautiful.

Antigenesis” brings us one step closer to the end and wow, once again a song of supersonic light speeds, and once again a song that reminds you of the old days, in an original and brand new way. So many sped up and fast riffs, so many brutal vocal types; it’s just so goddamn brutal. “Outearthed” starts with raw vocals, without anything, just vocals that get rained down with some epic riffs later. The riffs then continue on then by themselves, to a point where they get lost in a black hole that they themselves have created. This track is ultra groovy, ultra new school, and is a combination of the slower and faster elements, a song you can both jump to and headbang to. Some elements of the vocals that were heard during the early songs on the album could also be heard once again here, and some amazing vocals that aren’t even human.

This brings us to “Sector Zero”, and just when I thought this band couldn’t amaze me anymore, I was instantly wrong. Unlike their last album, where the band said goodbye with a haunting musical outro, this one is brutal piece of music with a lot of grooves and slams, and mostly instrumental stuff in the beginning. Although it would’ve been cool to leave them in throughout the entire thing, it’s just not their style to do so, so basically the track gets heavier and heavier with more massive riffs. All I was missing were the vocals, but it turns out that it was indeed an instrumental track. Also, when it comes to the artwork - which I haven’t even mentioned - it surely is another fine piece of work, completely in the band’s style.

Well, the album ended, and it is indeed another masterpiece release by the legendary and my personal favorite label Unique Leader Records. Don’t forget that this album will drop in July, and please, support the shit out of them, they definitely have outdone themselves once again, and I am already stoked to hear the next thing they will release. Hail radiation.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1.Radiatus Generis
2.Chaos Cascade
5.Deadzone Outpost
6.Redefining Zenith
7.Corium Era
10.Sector Zero
Vitalis Kast - Bass
Fabrice Töpfer - Guitars
Sebastian Grihm - Vocals
Jason Melidonie - Guitars
Stephan Stockburger - Drums
Record Label: Unique Leader Records


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