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Antimatter - Fear Of A Unique Identity

Fear Of A Unique Identity
by Dead Skin Matt at 28 February 2013, 3:00 PM

Name ANTIMATTER is sort of a misrepresentation as far as band names go and yet it is perfect all at the same time. It is misleading because ANTIMATTER isn't actually a band, its one person, Mick Moss.  However, the name ANTIMATTER as a moniker fits perfectly, as well as the title for this album "Fear of a Unique Identity".  The Music recorded here truly does not matter.  It is as bland and lifeless as I would imagine music from my IPod in an Antimatter universe would be.  Or maybe I am thinking the bizarre world?  Either way this album literally put me to sleep.  I had my headphones on, I was on my favorite spot on the couch, and was all ready for whatever Steinmetal had in store for me.  Well, somewhere between "Here come the Men" and "The Parade" I caught up on my beauty sleep. To be fair I started the album over and made some coffee but I didn't have to.  Fear of Unique Identity is a very forgettable experience, and Mick Moss truly seems to suffer from a fear of writing unique and interesting music.

My dislike of this release has nothing to do with, musicianship. All the instruments played are fine. The album was produced and mixed very well.  Mick Moss has a fine singing voice, as does whoever the female is that often chime in with him.  My issue is the actual songs. They are lifeless.  Like spiritless versions of songs you might skip on a COLD or A PERFECT CIRCLE albums.  Moss himself describes his music style as "Melancholic Rock".  He is correct, and that sucks. Out of all the possible emotions music has the power to instill on its listener, melancholy is by far the shittiest. Give me Frustration (PRO-PAIN), Fear (PORTAL), Sadness (BARONESS), Hate (SLAYER)… but Fuck your Melancholy.

Every track sounded the same. Don't buy any of it, unless you want something extremely safe and boring to play in the background of a Jenga game.

2 Star Rating

1. Paranova
2. Monochrome
3. Fear of a Unique Identity
4. Firewalking
5. Here Come the Men
6. Uniformed and Black
7. Wide Awake in the Concrete Asylum
8. The Parade
9. A Place in the Sun
Mick Moss – All Instruments / Vocals
Record Label: Prophecy Productions


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