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D.O.L. - Between Love and Death

Between Love and Death
by John Foley at 24 November 2020, 7:43 AM

Coming all the way from Finland we have the new release from goth metal act D.O.L. This marks their debut E.P with Between Love and Death and is a great mix of goth rock and heavy metal. The band has been getting a lot of attention from their local scene and even more so after the release of this E.P. and from listening to it, it is easy to see why. We open up with “Recreational Death” and right from the start we get this very old school sound. What I noticed right away was this killer guitar tone and the synths adding depth to the sound. This track also has a very catchy sounding chorus and a great guitar solo. Great opener to Between Love and Death that hooks you in and really shows you what the band are all about.

Next up we have “Heart Killing Field”. This one is filled with very mournful melodies and some great guitar work. The middle section here is really nice as well and leads really well into the guitar solo. Also on this track you can really hear the vocals digging deep for that emotional execution. We also get a NINE INCH NAILS cover here as well and a really good one too. This one opens with a clean guitar melody and then the band comes in and brings the heavy with this big epic sound to it with a guitar solo that really lifts the song up. It is very different to the original and the famous JOHNNY CASH cover but rather they make this one their own and it really works.

“Devil in the Details” opens with a clean guitar part with the rest of the band coming in after it with some great lead work from the start too. This one has a very bang your head verse to it which progresses nicely into a very melodic chorus to sing along too. “My Juliet” is the lead single from Between Love and Death and right from the start has a very goth feel to it. The song has this big epic sound scape to it which at times feels almost like a dark ballad type of tune. Big guitar solo there as well which leads to a quiet section as the song then lifts right back up to close out.

The final track here is “Love Denied” and right from the start this one is filled with dark and gothic melodies with some killer riffs thrown in. The middle section of this one really shows some great musicianship. With this track the band are showing their final statement as to their sound and what they are all about. With Between Love and Death, D.O.L show a great mix of goth rock and metal. Some great melodies through out with the added synth which is complemented nicely with the guitar work. You can hear a very good production done on the E.P to help capture their sound and some great tones from the instruments. To me the vocals are a mix of MARILYN MANSON and Dave Mustaine from MEGADETH, it is a little different but with the bands sound it works really well. I must say I really enjoyed this one.

Songwriting: 7
Originality: 8
Musicianship: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Recreational Death
2. Heart Killing Field
3. Hurt
4. Devil in the Details
5. My Juliet
6. Love Denied
Eero "MC" Veri – Vocals & Guitar
Haades - Guitar
Jyrki - Bass
Lauri - Synths
Catsy – Drums
Record Label: Inverse Records


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