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Daemoniac – Lord of Immolation Award winner

Lord of Immolation
by Aidan MacNaughton at 18 September 2015, 4:34 AM

If you love old 90’s Swedish Death-Metal then you will not go wrong with DAEMONIAC’S – “Lords of Immolation.” Sludgy and heavy Death Metal sounding guitars, with mandatory repetition and a small hint of evil melody, this will bring a tear to a glass eye in fans of CANNIBAL CORPSE, DISMEMBER, and ENTOMBED. It was noted by fans who have already heard this EP that in a strange dialectical process, new subgenres, while fantastic and unique, always bring bands that rigid back to the subgenres roots. DAEMONIAC has this reactionary force to it.

Hailing from Milan, these walking dead Italians obviously set out to write their Metal with bones true to the Death Metal skeleton. Back breaking, skull-crushing riffs come paired with machine gun drumming and throat-cancer vocals… of the guttural sort. “Lords of Immolation” brings back the graveyard stench of 90s Death Metal. We can congratulate this band in their trueness to Death Metal antecedents, and give the nod to their newly formed alliance with Xtreem Labels.

Generally, the songs are of fine rotten meat flavour (taste some IMMOLATION and CANNIBAL CORPSE to experience the aesthetic), with a spice of satanic melody. We even get some of purgatories Doom and Sludge. These songs will cause brain haemorrhage in live audiences – a welcoming event that will prepare fans for the zombie apocalypse. When there is no more room in hell, “Lords of Immolation” will join the ranks and slay any subgenre that has a “core” in it. Any band starting out that can sound true to its historic antecedents is worthy of a 5 star.

So here is to real Death Metal that is complex, oh so slightly Melodic, Doomy and Sludgy, heavy and generally rotten to the core.

5 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Away from Christ
3. Chunks of Flesh (Crematory Cover)
4. Desecration of Christianity
5. Lord of Immolation
Max – Bass/Vocals
Pier – Guitars
Matt – Drums
Record Label: Xtreem Music


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