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Daemonicus – Eschaton

by Thomas Kumke at 06 October 2021, 6:20 AM

DAEMONICUS were formed in 2006 and they are from Umea, Sweden. They are a traditional Death Metal band and so far they released three demos, two EPs, and “Eschaton” is their third full-length album. The album was mixed and mastered by Ronnie Björnström at Enhanced Audio Production in Sweden. “Eschaton” was released via Swedish label Black Lion Records which is specialized in Black, Thrash, and Death Metal. The album has a length of about 36 minutes.

Eschaton” is Greek and means doomsday or last day to live which is certainly a good topic to build a Death Metal album around. DAEMONICUS stay true to the good old values of traditional Swedish Death Metal, but mix it up with a lot of groovy elements into their sound. The buzzsaw sound festival starts strong with “To Poison Everything”: aggressive and razor-sharp guitar riffing with some melodic elements, a frequent switch between a fast tempo during the verse section and a mid-tempo chorus section, a contributing lead guitar solo that is not too playful and comes straight to the point, and growling vocals that are around the medium end of the guttural range. The melodic part is slightly epic, almost melancholic. “Reform Or Die” continues with the sound and the pace including the switches between verse and chorus sections. The chorus section is driven by the relentless double-bass drums and the melodies. “To Poison Everything” was released as lyric video and the YouTube link is given below.

The Double Edge Sword” is one of the fastest tracks on the album and it comes with a few mid-tempo breaks. The sound textures are a bit more complex compared to most songs on the album, especially during the last third of the track where the sound becomes darker. A dark song is also “Heretic Trails” which is distinctly slower than the other songs with almost stomping rhythms, strong bass lines, a lot of double-bass drums, and vocals that are more diverse than on the other tracks. The tempo remains the same throughout the whole song and the darkness of the song is intensified by the final guitar sequence and the final spoken words.

The Grand Inquisitor” is another one of the fast songs and it comes with bursts of blast-beats. Introduced by a parochial choral, the blast-beats and the buzzsaw guitar sound takes quickly over and this track is perfectly made for the pit. There are a few mid-tempo breaks included and especially the final third gets gloomy. I really like the good mix in tempo between the songs. “Sacred And Secular” starts slow, dark, and with super heavy guitar riffs before it transitions into a fast, double-bass dominated part. The faster sequences here a pretty chaotic and contribute well to the song. Another fast track is “You Know My Name”, very direct and aggressive. The fast parts are bludgeoning and they are interrupted by mid-tempo choruses. The second half is introduced by an excellent bass line followed by a doomy lead guitar sequence with melancholic melodies and harmonies. “Fate Sealed Faith” is the longest and in principle the final song, since “Termination” is an outro. It is with mid-tempo parts, but not very distinctive in terms of the riffing and melodies and perhaps one of the weaker songs on the album. “Termination” is the fitting end of “Eschaton”, a guitar-driven instrumental with more melancholic vibes.

DAEMONICUS deliver a very good old school Death Metal album made in Sweden. It reminds a lot on the sound of the great Swedish era of DISMEMBER and ENTOMBED. DAEMONICUS do not reinvent the wheel with their album, but they add their own sound elements to it. “Eschaton” is a diverse album regarding tempo changes and song structures which is evidence for good songwriting and makes it very interesting to listen to. The album is well produced. Fans of traditional Swedish Death Metal will definitely dig this album and look forward to see DAEMONICUS playing live the new material.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. To Poison Everything
2. Reform Or Die
3. The Double Edge Sword
4. Heretic Trails
5. The Grand Inquisitor
6. Sacred And Secular
7. You Know My Name
8. Fate Sealed Faith
9. Termination
P.O. Wester – Vocals, Guitars
Jörgen Persson – Guitars
David Ekevärn – Drums
Martin Pudas – Bass
Record Label: Black Lion Records


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