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Daily Insanity - Chronicles of War

Daily Insanity
Chronicles of War
by John Foley at 08 December 2021, 6:32 AM

“Chronicles of War" was released in September 2021 by German trio DAILY INSANITY. Their music tells of stories and events from every day life with most of the lyrics being autobiographical and tell of serious experiences, despair and inhumanity. The band was formed in 2015 and they like to mix old school thrash metal with catchy melodies. In their time DAILY INSANITY have shared a stage with TANKARD, VADER and ASPHYX. This new album is a concept album about the violence of war and how it shapes people's psyche.

The music marches in when the intro track “Agony of Valkyries" starts off. A cool lead guitar lines comes over it as the band are getting us ready for what’s to come. We dive straight into things with the title track “Chronicles of War" with its thrash metal madness which hits hard. The vocals here are very death/black metal. The drumming is good here and the song has a nice pace to it. Lots of cool riffs going on and a guitar solo comes out of nowhere but disappears quickly in and out of the song. After next up have got “It Doesn’t Matter“ and this is a bit of a head banger from the start. There are a lot of speed and precision with the bands playing here. With the chorus I get the feeling they are going for a crowd participation kind of thing with how it is executed. The breakdown is pretty cool and the song does have some pretty cool riffing going on.

Warchild” has this really cool riff that opens the song. This one has a very old school thrash metal vibe to it. The speed playing kicks in and I’m reminded of the likes of SLAYER and EXODUS. It is the kind of song that could possibly get a pit started. The middle section has got a really nice and heavy riff with the double bass pedal pounding away on the drums. This is a fairly cool track. After that one we have “I Am The Mission" which the guitars just ring out a bit for its intro. This is a very dark sounding tune with the bass complimenting what the guitar is doing. The thrash metal riffs hit again and then a quiet section springs out with a clean guitar melody. A heavy riff keeps the feel of that section as the headbanging thrash comes back and then a clean guitar melody plays us out. This is probably one of the strongest tracks on this album.

We hear the sounds of strong winds and rain (which was a little funny to me as I am writing this in the middle of a massive storm here) we have a track “A Lonely Soldier". A really nice clean guitar melody plays through the song it has a slight epic feel to it and is a nice break from the thrashing tunes. With the song “Doomsday" the band stomps along right from the start. This one has a nice pace to it and the riffs pack a bit of a punch. The band sounds tight here as well. The middle section is brief but they are staying something new here with melodies and full death metal style drumming. The band then brings it back to the pounding pace to then play us out.

Final song on the album and it is “The Reckoning" which opens with acoustic guitars and a nice clean guitar melody over it. A cool lead guitar line plays over as the band then come crashing in. We are back again to the gentle acoustic and clean guitar melody and clean vocals too which is a first for this whole album. It sounds almost that he band are going for a sort of ballad type of song. The band are going all out for the final assault. The song has a nice mix of gentle to heavy but we get some awesome riffs from out of nowhere and a ripping guitar solo to finish one a high not.

From listening to “Chronicles of War", DAILY INSANITY  were just thrash metal madness. Plenty of cool riffing and drumming to. The vocals here sounded good but I am unsure if it fitted with the music the band are playing. This would have benefited a bit more from a better production. Now I did enjoy parts of this but felt it was lacking something.

Songwriting: 6
Memorability: 5
Musicianship: 6
Production: 5

2 Star Rating

1. Agony Of Valkyries
2. Chronicles Of Wars
3. It Doesn’t Matter
4. Stolen Valor
5. Warchild
6. Marching Drummer
7. I Am The Mission
8. A Lonely Soldier
9. Sleepless
10. The Reckoning
Gene – Guitar
Hans – Bass and Vocals
Gustl – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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