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Dakrya - Monumento (CD)

by Dimitris Kontogeorgakos at 29 July 2008, 1:34 PM

DAKRYA (is a Greek word that translates to tears) is a really new Greek band that was formed in the mid of 2004. Initially DAKRYA were meant to be an acoustic project but as the rest of the lineup took its present form the musical direction turned towards the Metal oriented genre.
The first audio product by this band was the CD single Without Destination featuring female guest vocals. The very good response from the media convinced the band to find a full time female singer; in fact DAKRYA recruited two female singers that definitely make Monumento a something more than an interesting album to listen to.
Fortunately, this is not another NIGHTWISH wanna be band; although I am not an expert on this specific genre, listening to this album it made think of THEATRE OF TRAGEDY. This resemblance is mainly due to the growling male versus ethereal female vocals that is extensively used through out the album.
Their influences cover a wide range of the Metal scene that start from Black Metal guitar shreds, pass through the Gothic scene and even flirt with Symphonic Metal. The twin female singers spice things up with the nicely arranged vocal harmonies even though to my amateur ears they do not sound that different. Well, Thomais has a classic based voice that really shows in songs like Newborn Hope or Into the Vortex where the symphonic elements become more evident. The song arrangements have a theatrical backbone that is excellently served with the vocal variety. George D apart from the six string duties he is also in charge of the male almost Black Metal vocals that are responsible for the aggressive side of the album.
In the songs there is much to discover and surely need additional auditions to get into the mood and digest all the different musical elements. Revelations of a Madman is an excellent proof to my latter saying since it bears all the different genres that DAKRYA try to blend through a theatrical perspective. The tempo changes and the different sounds follow the lyrics and all the emotions described. The band has avoided making their music sounding overloaded carefully choosing the different elements each time. I would prefer a slightly different sound production because while listening to the album I got the impression that it was more than necessary produced in a computer. On the other hand, this is a debut release so these kind of things can be easily forgiven.
Wingless Souls is an orchestral arranged song that is based on the female singers that are free to present their vocal potentials; even though this is not a genuine Metal I really enjoyed it for the excellent dark atmosphere that is wrapped around the different voices.
Overall, this is a very good debut release that has already raised some expectations for the band's future step. The next step for me though is to see DAKRYA on-stage and get the whole picture. So, if all the above sound interesting to you then pay a visit to the band's myspace page to listen to a couple of songs from Monumento.

3 Star Rating

Crucifixion Of Faith
Thorns Of Punishment
Newborn Hope
Reflections & Illusions
Waters Of Oblivion
Inner Scream
Revelations Of A Madman
Into The Vortex
Black Opera
Wingless Souls (Orchestral)
Christina - Lead Vocals
Thomais - Classic Vocals
George D - Guitars & Vocals
SophiaX - Keys & Piano
Alex D - Bass
Stauros V - Drums
Record Label: 279 Productions


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