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Dalkhu - Lamentation and Ardent Fire

Lamentation and Ardent Fire
by Chris Hawkins at 01 October 2018, 3:25 PM

These days Black Metal is everywhere.  The sound has proliferated Asia, the Middle East, and even Africa.  It should come as no shock then that the band under review is from Slovenia.  DALKHU formed in 2003, and “Lamentation and Ardent Fire” is the band’s third full-length.

Ominous low brass opens the album with the first track, “Profanity Galore”.  Along with ever flowing percussion, the guitar arrives to herald the proceedings.  When things slow down, a solo is taken by the guitar only to soon return to the original energy.  The drums are like hops in an I.P.A.:  unmistakably present.  After a slow build from the previous songs, the third track, “Rime,” has an intensity of its own.  Starting with some of the album’s most startling blasts, the song turns out to be a much more solid offering.  At times, one is reminded of classic NAGLFAR while other times, the band echoes the sonic pessimism of other titans blended into their own potent mix.  The true highlight of the album is the sixth track, “The Dead Sleep with Their Eyes Open”.  This track comes in like a nuclear explosion, channeling the spirit of old school Black Metal.  With a main riff drowning in melody via tremolo-picking, DISSECTION and MAYHEM show their influence.  Clean vocals that mimic a giant choir sound add a flavor to the song not heard on other tracks.

The most impressive element of this band is not the misanthropic guitar riffs, but rather the drums.  It actually sounds as if it could be Kalki’s solo album.  Deftly played rolls are coupled with a constantly-pulsing double bass to create momentum, while blasts gain more intensity throughout.  The blast beats truly build off of each other. That is not to say that the riffs do no impress. DALKHU employ multiple guitar tracks which aptly thicken up the sound.  By combining tremolo-picked parts with minor chords, the band allows their sound to be that much more oppressive. With all of the elements mentioned previously taken into account, a final conclusion is due.  While other bands stretch the boundaries, DALKHU seem to be playing it safe by employing classic elements of Black Metal.  Ultimately, the album showcases a band certainly skilled and proud of its roots though lacking a bit in individuality.  “Lamentation and Ardent Fire” is an album that will appeal to fans of the genre, but does little to set itself apart from the crowd.

Songwriting: 6
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 6


3 Star Rating

1. Profanity Galore
2. I Am
3. Rime
4. A Race Without Hope
5. Gaps of Existence
6. The Dead Sleep with Their Eyes Open
7. Night
8. Evil
Kalki – Drums
J.G.– Guitars, Bass
Lucerus – Vocals
Record Label: Godz ov War Productions


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Edited 09 August 2020

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