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Damnation Angels - Fiber of Our Being

Damnation Angels
Fiber of Our Being
by Emily Schneider at 10 August 2020, 9:06 PM

Symphonic Metal can be a challenge for me these days. I listened to the sub-genre nearly non-stop in my high school years, to the point that it takes a lot for a Symphonic Metal band to stand out and grab my attention. English Symphonic Metal band DAMNATION ANGELS took my hand to impress attitude on this genre and lured me right back in with their 3rd studio album “Fiber of Our Being”.

I do confess that the first couple of songs “More Than Human” and the radio-friendly single “Railrunner” came across as pretty formulaic Symphonic Metal tracks. They're catchy and fine, but not super attention grabbing. The title track “Fiber of Our Being” ramped up the energy and started luring me in more than the intro songs. “Our Last Light” is a pleasant ballad. There's this quaint feeling surrounding it; there's this rolling rhythm that makes the song feel so hopeful. The catchy “Whooa ah ohhhs” at the end are going to echo in my head for several days following this listen-through. “Rewrite the Future” took the enjoyment level of the album so far to full capacity with some synthy keys and some playful electronic mixing throughout. The melody in this one was really catchy and felt like a blend of TEMPERANCE and ALLEN/LANDE. “Fractured Amygdala” is a massive track. There's so much emotion in the words and heaps of drama in the orchestration. I really enjoyed the dynamic changes and the contrast of different melodies, some expressed anger then some showed sadness, then just darkness throughout this one track. The title was very fitting!

The “must have” for any great Symphonic Metal album is the epic length track near or at the end of every album. “Remnants of a Dying Star” certainly satisfied that need with this tantalizing 13 minute soundscape as the second to last track. The levels of drama are off the charts wonderful for my theatrics loving self. The orchestration in this one is fabulous, it really builds and dances around Iggy's bold and wonderful vocals for the first 5 minutes of the track. Then, the heart of the track goes synthy and eerie for a few minutes. The chuggy riffs a-la EPICA pulls you right back into the next portion of the track and captivates with more flowing stringed portions and killer vocals, much like KAMELOT for the rest of the track. You think that's the end of the album? Nope! “A Sum of Our Parts” picks up any remaining pieces and brings the album to a highly satisfying close.

All and all, Fiber of Our Being is a pretty great album. I was admittedly not quite sold with the first couple of tracks; they felt rather predictable and not much stood out. Thankfully, the title track picked up the pace, then “Rewrite the Future” rewrote my first initial impression of the album in a wondrous way. The songs that followed not only captured my attention, but kept it the rest of the way through. I do really enjoy the melodies on this album; they remind me a lot of modern day KAMELOT especially paired with the fun futuristic keys. Plus, the immeasurable levels of drama in the vocals and orchestration; I am a total sucker for that in my music selections.  Not to mention, the mixing on this album is perfect; you can hear everything so clearly, but there are also little details you can find the second time and even the third time listening through. This album reminded me on why I fell in love with Symphonic Metal many years ago, but has enough interesting qualities to truly stand out from what I was starting to believe was a stagnating sub-genre.

Songwriting: 8
Musicianship: 8
Memorability: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. More Than Human
2. Railrunner
3. Fiber Of Our Being
4. Our Last Light
5. Rewrite The Future
6. Fractured Amygdala
7. Greed And Extinction
8. Remnants Of A Dying Star
9. A Sum Of Our Parts
Iggy Rodriguez – Vocals, Guitar
William Graney – Guitars
Nic Southwood – Bass
John Graney – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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