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Damnations Day - Invisible, The Dead Award winner

Damnations Day
Invisible, The Dead
by Bex "Hardcore" Tasker at 19 September 2013, 5:30 PM

I was fortunate enough to see DAMNATIONS DAY twice at the beginning of this year. The first was at a practice gig for their upcoming concert with NIGHTWISH in Auckland, along with the other opening bands, and the second was at the NIGHTWISH concert on the 8th of January. Since that day, my mother, rather a big fan of all things melodic and heavy, managed to acquire a copy of “Invisible, The Dead” after the concert, and has had the album playing in the car ever since. However, this is an album that you won’t soon tire of. This Australian Progressive Power Metal four-piece have made a real name for themselves since their formation in 2005, and there is no doubt that they will continue to progress in the Metal industry. “Invisible, The Dead” is their debut album, and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. Although a mere 9 tracks, there is a highly sufficient amount of diversity in this Melodic Metal creation.

The album’s opening track is also its title-track. “Invisible, The Dead” begins with an unforgettable riff, coupled with solid drumming. The vocals of Mark Kennedy are akin to Geoff Tate of the original QUEENSRŸCHE, giving an Oldschool-Metal element to this Modern Metal creation. This track is catchy, heavy and clearly the work of very talented musicians. The next track further proves the brutal heaviness of the guitars, yet also showcases their softer side. “The Meaning” suddenly goes from aggressive to placid, and then back again before you can adjust to the change. Luke Vinken’s bass-work, and Mark and Jon King’s guitars are superb in both the heavy and soft parts. The third track is one of the most memorable: “I Am” showcases Mark’s diverse vocal abilities, ranging from screechingly high to his distinct lower voice. His brother, Dean Kennedy on drums, makes the introduction even better with some fierce double kick. Mark and King’s guitar work is highly impressive, with overlapping riffs that produce incredible energy. “Reaper” consists of some very distorted riffs and rapid drumming, and again highlights Mark’s possession of a fair amount of vocal variety. The guitars, too, are well endowed in the versatility department, with one involved in a solo breakdown whilst the other is lost in a funky riff of its own, before the song has even reached its second minute. The next track is on the gentler side, beginning with acoustic guitar, and soon being joined by violin. “A Ghost in Me” again depicts Mark’s vocal diversity, and is a beautiful symphony that proves that the group has no problem with temporarily breaking away from Heavy Metal.

“Lucid Dreaming” brings back the melodic heavy, with short and sharp riffs in the verse that accompany the melancholic vocals very nicely. The introduction and chorus hosts the rapid drumming of Dean, and as the song progresses a speedy solo steals the limelight, before the song momentarily slows down. However, it only takes a scream from Mark to bring things back up to speed. The track that follows has some very hostile guitar work throughout. “Reflections” is a brilliant reflection of DAMNATIONS DAY’s best elements, with an interlude that shows off the bass, and an outro that again features Mark’s superb screaming abilities. The second-last track on the album begins with screams, and ends in a symphony. “Carried Above the Sun” is a very catchy track, both vocally and musically. The violin returns in this song, and engages in a tug-of-war for stardom against the guitars. The final track on the album, “A World to Come”, returns to the acoustic style beautifully illustrated in “A Ghost in Me”. It features upbeat yet melancholic plucking of the guitars, Mark’s more sombre vocals, and backing vocals in the chorus which complement the solemn tone of the track very nicely.

A spectacular album, “Invisible, The Dead” is a definite recommendation for all Metalheads. DAMNATIONS DAY is comprised of four very talented, ambitious and motivated musicians, who are as versatile as they are inspiring. You should definitely see them live if you get a chance, they will blow you away with their Power Metal fury.

5 Star Rating

1. Invisible, the Dead
2. The Meaning
3. I Am
4. Reaper
5. A Ghost in Me
6. Lucid Dreaming
7. Reflections
8. Carried Above the Sun
9. A World to Come
Mark Kennedy – Vocals/ Guitars
Jon King - Guitars
Luke Vinken – Bass
Dean Kennedy – Drums
Record Label: Nightmare Records


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