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Damon Johnson - Memoirs of an Uprising Award winner

Damon Johnson
Memoirs of an Uprising
by "Metal Mark" Garcia at 09 May 2019, 12:15 AM

The name of Damon Johnson is famous for co-writing songs for names as Stevie Nicks, Ted Nugent, SKID ROW, SANTANA, QUEENSRŸCHE and others, and for his works as guitarist on bands as BROTHER CANE, ALICE COOPER and BLACK STAR RIDERS. And once more, he is releasing a solo album, whose name is “Memoirs of an Uprising”.

In this album, the fan will find a Rock ‘n’ Roll/Classic Rock format, with some eclectic moments, but always filled with an amazing energy, a high level of musical accessibility, and a catchy set of excellent melodies. The way the songs explore a good range of influences during the entire album can astonish some due the spontaneous approach, something that comes from the heart, and it’s excellent the way is. The sound quality of “Memoirs of an Uprising” is excellent. It bears an spontaneous and organic feeling, like a live show on studio, with an intentional classic ambiance. But it is clear as well, in a way that every musical instrument can be completely understood without great efforts.

“Shivering Shivering” is a fine example of a Classic Rock song,   showing an excellent set of melodies on a very good (and simple) set of tempos; “Dallas Coulda Been a Beatdown” bears shows a modern Rock outfit with a dirty grasp that comes from the 90s (along a very good work from guitars); the fluid and classic (in a Rock sense) melodies of “Down On Me”; the wild and accessible Rock ‘n’ Roll song called “Rage With Me” (fine vocals and backing vocals are heard on this one); and the bluesy and noir introspective feeling that fills “The World Keep Spinning Round” are the ones that will make the listeners shake their bones, because it’s impossible to stay stopped on the same place when they start to play. But the other songs are great as well.

The solo effort of Damon on “Memoirs of an Uprising” is excellent, and shows that he doesn’t live off his past, but still as prolific as always.

Originality: 8
Songwriting: 9
Memorability: 9
Production: 8

4 Star Rating

1. Shivering Shivering
2. Dallas Coulda Been a Beatdown
3. Down On Me
4. We Got a System
5. Call It a Trade
6. Rage With Me
7. So Brutal
8. The World Keep Spinning Round
9. Making Peace With this Wicked Beast
10. Glorious
Damon Johnson - Vocals, guitars
Tony Higbee - Guitars
Tony Nagy - Bass
Jarred Pope - Drums
Record Label: Double Dragon Records


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Edited 22 August 2019

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