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Danger Angel - All the Kings Horses Award winner

Danger Angel
All The Kings Horses
by Phillip Embick at 20 April 2017, 4:40 AM

DANGER ANGEL is a band based out of Athens, Greece that is proving that oldschool musicians can add some newschool flair to their music and keep up with the ever changing music scene.

The track “To Kill A Saint” comes in hard with some heave chugging guitar and dissonant soaring vocals. I could compare this to some current bands, however they quickly make it obvious that they are their own band with unique vocal patterns and keyboard, its honestly refreshing. Of course what epic hard rock song would be complete without some hardcore shredding. Since this is the first track on the album I am taking immediate note to the production value. The mix is done very well, the vocal harmonies are present without being over baring. The drums have a damp tone and fit the mix extremely well. The next track I will highlight is “Best Of Me”, which comes in soft, and then hits you with a very epic feeling off the bat. The chorus is super satisfying and emotional. This song has a message and I can tell that, however, I am horrible at interpreting lyrics so unfortunately I cannot comment on what the message is. I can feel the tone however, it feels like strength to overcome has been found. The vocals have me pretty impressed on this track, as well as again, the keyboard is a nice touch.

All the Kings Horses” comes in with a sort of folky sounding guitar. It definitely sounds like it’s classically inspired. The keyboard continues to move me, the abundance of perfectly fitting samples is what sets these guys apart from others for me. The vocals bring the pain in this track, you can hear BJ’s soul. The guitar takes a break from shredding to deliver some soulful melodic arpeggios. “Speak To Me” comes in with some seriously cool keys, are you noticing a trend? I’m noticing another trend, epic chord progression. Every track on this album has identity. The chord progressions are fresh every time. Vocals again are on point as well as the guitar. With as much talent I hear I have to say I’m a little disappointed that we haven’t heard the drummer showing off at all. “Will You Follow” treats us to an epic guitar riff, coupled with the keyboard, it has a hasty feeling. The chorus settles down a bit and I can hear the 90s influence in the vocals. Just when I think I have the style pegged, they switch it up, there is no specific style here.

DANGER ANGEL sounds like DANGER ANGEL, and that’s all there is to it. The guitar solo at the end of the track plays off the chord structure of the verse while the rhythm plays the tempo of the chorus, SO GOOD VERY SOULFUL. “How About Right Now” comes in sounding like a dubstep song, not complaining, it totally works. The dubstep gives way to a steady guitar part with a piano next to it. This track relies heavy on the keyboard, which I cannot get enough of. “Devil’s Waltz” keeps the energy going with more keys and a phased guitar which fits the sound perfect. The guitar takes the back burner here to give way to a beautiful piano part. Again, there seems to be a message in the lyrics here, cant make it out, but the song feels like letting go of loss. The vocals have remained pretty consistent through the album, and this track is no exception. BJ has an unmistakable voice and has a talent for harmony, which is very important to me. “Hollow Men” ends the album with an uneasy feeling. The track starts with some cataclysmic guitar and keyboard. When the chorus comes in they kick the epic up to 11. This track is definitely higher energy than the rest and is my personal favorite. The chorus in the middle drops everything but the vocals and a flute sounding keyboard, which paves the way for a moving sweep guitar solo. This is such a great way to end an album. Overall I really enjoyed the fresh sound these guys provide. If you are looking for a unique hard rock experience I recommend these guys highly.

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. To Kill A Saint
2. Dia De Los Muertos
3. Dead In The Water
4. Who Are You
5. Call My Name
6. Best Of Me
7. All The King’s Horses
8. Speak To Me
9. Will You Follow
10. How About Right Now
11. Devil’s Waltz
12. Hollow Men
Ethan Snow - Guitars
BJ - Vocals
Rudy Rallis - Bass
Tony V. - Drums
AHAS - Keyboards
Record Label: Melodic Rock Records


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Edited 26 September 2018

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