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Danger - Danger

by MarcusTheRocker at 26 January 2015, 11:58 AM

Often when we see promotional pictures of new and upcoming bands, usually their appearance or dress code can sometimes signal what type of music they will play but that’s not necessarily the case unless it’s specified by the band themself. An example is the Glam Rock genre which usually involved people dressing up in outrageous clothes i.e. spandex suits and styling their hair in a very retro fashion and maybe wearing platform soled boots and splattering glitter over themselves. This type of dress style usually gives you the impression that the music is going to sound very old school as let’s face it, this was a genre that started in the 70’s but there are bands who are bringing it back after it went dead in ‘76 while adding their own modern sound to it and the band featured in this review are a new Glam Rock act from Sweden so let us delve into their music shall we?

The band in question is called DANGER and last year they released their debut self-titled release and not really having Glam Rock all that much/all that often, it’s hard for me to say whether or not this is a genre I’d get into that easily but I hope this review will help me to decide. Let’s get straight onto the music as there’s not much info I can find on this band what with them being new and all.

Straight away, this album gets points for being a product of a Swedish band which is something I always enjoy for those of you that have read previous reviews of mine and it gets more points for the way it starts off with the opening number “D.C.A Hollywood” as it’s a very energetic opening number packed with energetic rhythms and catchy fast paced melodies.

The opening song on an album is usually the most important as it has to grab the listeners attention so they will keep listening and that is what you will want to do with this album as the catchy energetic melodies keep on coming with songs like “Body to Body”, “California Red”, “The Hollow Core” and “Shout it Out”. Even when the pace is slowed down a bit around the midway point for the fifth, sixth and seventh songs on the album, the punchy melodies are still there and it makes for a nice change of pace before the song “Rockstar” goes back to the same fast paced rhythms and melodies we got at the start of the record.

Production wise? It sounds very clear for the most part although there are a couple of bits where it could use tweaking such as a couple of vocal parts here and there but for the most part it doesn't really matter as everything else overshadows any problems including the heavy guitars, the drums which have some nice beats and rhythms to them and the punchy performance from the singers.

Overall thoughts? I found myself enjoying this thanks to the catchy energetic melodies and you know, I think Glam Rock is a genre I could easily get into as yes it may have died out back in the mid-70’s but it’s good to see bands bringing it back to relive the genres glory days as it did spawn some successful acts who are still going to this day and DANGER are a band you should keep a look out for especially if you like music that is both from Sweden and is in the Glam Rock genre.

4 Star Rating

1. D.C.A. Hollywood
2. Body to Body
3. Down with the Devil
4. California Red
5. Midnight Shocker
6. On the Rocks
7. Diamond Lightz
8. Rockstar
9. On the Edge
10. The Hollow Core
11. Shout it Out
Rob Nasty - Vocals and Bass
Jesse Kid - Vocals and Guitar
Rob Paris - Guitar
Mackey Gee - Drums
Record Label: Stale Records


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