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Daniel Trigger - Time Of The Titans

Daniel Trigger
Time Of The Titans
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 06 August 2017, 1:39 AM

There is such a thing as noble cause, and sometimes there is soul that uses its talents for the greater good, to help those in need. Songwriter / Vocalist Daniel Trigger isn’t considered to be one of the known Rock artists of our time, mainly a British artist that likes what he does. However, Trigger has been firing off albums without a personal gain, but rather donating his music earnings to charity. Certainly his cause awards him points of being human before musician, a donor before business. With two albums already under his belt, Trigger independently releases his next effort named “Time Of The Titans”, and don’t think it is going to be an epic, just merely a good title.

It is no secret what has been driving Trigger in his music, and therefore his ability as a songwriter to strive for Hard Rock hits and radio friendlies on nearly every single track he produces. Such profound acts as later EUROPE / CREED / NICKELBACK / ALTER BRIDGE / BON JOVI might cross your mind while listening. Generally, “Time Of The Titans” is not an innovation, far from it, but a constant reminder of a period in the 80s where harmony and the hardest form of Rock collided in a beautiful spike. Nonetheless, it didn’t stop the British musician to down tune the classic tuning to create monstrous grooves and bone splitting hard to the core riffs. Frankly, it served as a good contrast to the harmonious vocals, occasional guitar melodies and even a shard of classic delivered soloing, as if showing both sides of the coin when it comes to Trigger’s personality. The overall downer is that Trigger’s songwriting might become formulaic, and even generic, reprising his style over and over throughout thirteen tracks, almost in a complete form that eventually can tire.

AOR really had an effect on the most of the album’s songs, especially when it comes to the choruses, which some could have served to be sung in stadiums. Titles such as “Ready To Fly”, “Here Comes The Rage”, “Promised Land” and “Losing My Faith” will cross the nice touch of groove along with impressive vocal performance in some of the better commercial choruses made in a while. “Do You Know Who I Am?” takes a slightly different turn towards the 90s, a sort of balladry that is a fusion of BON JOVI and NICKELBACK, a good representation of Trigger’s songwriting ability to create radio friendlies. “Close My Eyes” and “Rain” are examples of impeccable heaviness, considering that the overall spirit is rested upon AOR, immense guitar grooves and strong beats surely opened my mind within the sea of emotions that is spreading throughout the release. Actually, the former track appeared to be a bit out of the box, considering Trigger’s somewhat repetitive style. Other tracks recommended: “I Was A Titan”, “Pendulum” and the sweet surrender of the classic 80s vein “Reach Out”.

According to JUDAS PRIEST, rocking hard is with a purpose, and it is true to the end. Same goes for Daniel Trigger, he rocks, deeply inspired as a die-hard fan of a classic time period in Rock music. And most important of all, he does it all for charity. Salute.

Purchase Link: Daniel Trigger

4 Star Rating

1. Promised Land
2. Losing My Faith
3. Here Comes The Rage
4. I Was A Titan
5. Welcome To The Real World
6. Do You Know Who I Am?
7. Sell My Soul
8. Ready To Fly
9. Rain
10. Close My Eyes
11. Personal Asylum
12. Pendulum
13. Reach Out
Daniel Trigger - Vocals / Guitars / Keyboards
Record Label: Independent


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