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Dantalion - Call Of The Broken Souls (CD)

Call Of The Broken Souls
by Yiannis Doukas at 18 August 2008, 9:42 PM

Formed around 2004 this Galicia originated band started its journey after the department of three members of MYDGARD, Netzja the guitarist, Naemoth the drummer and Zeukram the vocalist. Their first album entitled When The Ravens Fly Over Me released in 2006 via the same label that unleashes the second album exploring a more melancholic and atmospheric sphere inside Black Metal.
Call Of The Broken Souls continues in the same sounds having his lyrical concept based upon myths and legends form the origin land of the band's members, concerning some stories about the coming of death, the omens before its entrance in a house, the wandering of souls in misty forest paths and things like that. All of them give a nice qualification for the comparative inspiration of writing Black Metal songs but I'm afraid that the band has failed and their songs do not have the right insufflations that their concept demands.
Their music style is close to bands like IMMORTAL, DARK FUNERAL, some DISSECTION melodies together with 'a wanna be' nocturnal feel a la the first full length of EMPEROR without keys. Their ideas are not something special, without a determinate purpose behind and together with the length of their songs all of them transforms into a boring result. Most of their tracks and specially the first four ( Antaruxa is an intro) looks like a pastiche of melodies without going anywhere and without completing a basic form for a song.
There is a difference in their native language spoken A Corredoira Das Animas where except some nice vocals efforts its almost doomy tempo affects a little the interest. The big surprise is the Prophecy Of Sorrow showing that this band has a talent somewhere hidden inside. The main riffing has a frosty touch that cannot be ignored while there is a necro part in the middle (3: 30) that pulls me to imagine cold mountains. There is also a calm sorrowful part that is well written; by the way all of their songs have parts close to that that gives a composition vacuum.
The Death's Cold Layer is in the same levels as the first songs I mentioned while the …As The Candle Fades looks like an outro and includes a sympathetic piano idea.
There are a plethora of releases in Black Metal that demands your attention and I guess either you don't have time for such a record or the money to buy it. What I will keep is the Prophecy Of Sorrow if I'll ever made a home made compilation of Spanish Black Metal bands, their honest efforts and the Kristian Wahlin's based  covers with this deep blue colour that is a nice fancification for this release including an evil nightly breeze like some WITCHERY covers.

2 Star Rating

Wandering Along The Paths
Cold Winter Dusk
Forest Of Laments
A Corredoira Das Animas
Prophecy Of Sorrow
Death's Cold Layer
…As The Candle Fades
Zeukram - Vocals
Netzja - Guitars
Thorgrim - Bass
Naemoth - Drums
Record Label: Det Germanske Folket


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