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Dante Fox - Six String Revolver

Dante Fox
Six String Revolver
by Craig Rider at 17 January 2018, 4:29 AM

Metal maniacs, rejoice! I'm proud to present to you: DANTE FOX; signed via AOR Heaven, hailing from England - performing Rock, on their 6th album entitled: “Six String Revolver” (released 24th November, 2017).

Since formation in September 1989; the quintet in question have 5 albums in their discography, I'm introduced to their 6th instalment - “Six String Revolver”. 10 tracks ranging at around 44:48, the quartet deliver an admirable yet intricately designed slab of solid instrumentation and musicianship. As we begin with “Firing My Heart”; I notice a simplistic structure in the songwriting process, balanced with a unique juxtaposition of elegant orchestration – Sue Willetts Manford on lead vocals arranges a constructively developed execution of proficiently exquisite singing adroitness, manifesting with a grandiose of cleanly polished while amalgamated with high-pitched finesse that is captivatingly brilliant. DANTE FOX consistently demonstrates with rhythmic distinctions that are not necessarily hard-hitting Metal, they are instead flourished with commendable soft/hard Rock characteristics – fused with Heavy Metal attributions for good measure.

Lonely” establishes a uniquely dynamic complexity as the dexterity comprises of organically efficient melodies and hooks in which contributes a fine substance of enjoyably crafted aesthetics, Tim Manford implements brilliantly concrete elements while in songs like “Under The City Lights” - the creativity has a catchy formula which is relentlessly enlightening. The bouncy effects are quite salubrious as powerhouse bassist Alan Mills pummels his axe with dominating force. “A Matter Of Time” portrays radio-friendly talent, with keyboardist Eric Ragno supplying a diligent accessibility of prominent hymns and tasteful diversity which variates with a crunchy punchline and delightful harmonies. “Still Remember Love” remains with the same foundation, coordinated with progressively technical catchiness and a dramatic amount of innovation and expertise - for this maniac, I am actually quite entertained with this record so far.

Lost And Lonely Heart” portrays with more memorable captivation, as the groovy stability is contrasted with energetic flamboyancy - it is melancholic song which still manages to overcome the originality which evolves with unprecedented components. “Remember My Name” has a fluid attitude of gripping riffs, converged with synthesized bluesy rock – relishing with excelling vocalization & melodious efficaciousness. “All That I Need” shines with a satisfying acoustic introduction, as the marvellous vocal cords sings with charming grace - in which has this positive direction that grips me completely. “I Can't Sleep” showcases gritty strumming, followed by more distinguished craftsmanship which has an easy-listening integration that flavours a delicate quality to it. Overall concluding “Six String Revolver” with the pleasant “How Do We Learn About Love”; I jammed to a breath of fresh air which exceeded all expectations - surprisingly.

DANTE FOX outdone themselves with this one; even though I am am rabid Metal Head, I still experienced a profusely robust fabrication of unique artistry and stellar inventiveness - certainly worth checking out if you are looking for something new.

Songwriting: 8
Memorability: 8
Originality: 8
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. Firing My Heart
2. Lonely
3. Under The City Lights
4. A Matter Of Time
5. Still Remember Love
6. Lost And Lonely Heart
7. Remember My Name
8. All That I Need
9. I Can't Sleep
10. How Do We Learn About Love
Sue Willetts Manford - Lead Vocals
Tim Manford - Lead Guitar & backing Vocals
Alan Mills - Bass Guitar
Eric Ragno - Keyboards
Record Label: AOR Heaven


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