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Dare - Road to Eden Award winner

Road to Eden
by Sarah Tijan at 16 May 2022, 2:36 PM

The United Kingdom is no stranger to Rock and Roll, some of the biggest names have left the United Kingdom to conquer the world, yet some still reside there, keeping the music alive and fresh, DARE is one of them, releasing their eleventh album to date with Road To Eden, released a classic, their AOR sound  and melodic genius when it comes to lyrics and musicianship, DARE takes no prisoners when it comes to their sound, style and releasing music that is true to the band, a sound all their own and grows with each release, Road to Eden is no different.

“Born In the Storm” starts out the album with a phenomenal guitar solo from Vinny Burns, sets the tone to the track and brings the album to life, while releasing lyrics and storytelling of Darren Wharton, to taking those talents, and blending them together to create a great first track on the album, willing the listener to take a listen to the album in its entirety.

Digging into the album further “Fire Never Fades” is a track that caught my attention immediately.  The lyrics are beyond powerful, and open, the vocals are strong and meant to be the forefront, yet don’t take away from the other parts of the band, in fact, the guitar and keyboard only enhance the experience of the track, an anthem of a track that definitely stands the test of time, with the life lesson that all should hear, never give up, always follow your heart and ultimately to keep the fire of your passions burning.

The ultimate goal for anyone searching for a soulmate, is to find your best friend, one you can love and spend the rest of your life together, how do you express that; how do you define that? DARE did just that with “Lovers and Friends” a heart touching ballad of raw emotion filled with a plea at every turn to listen. I found myself stopped in my tracks, thinking of the lyrics, and believing, although that time is long past for me, I couldn’t help but think of the one I let go of to follow their dreams, that I still feel the same for them. “Lovers and Friends” is a haunting love song on all accounts, that really speaks to the listener.

Storytelling is a gift, DARE has that gift, Darren Wharton takes those lyrics, and makes the story come alive, each track on the album tells a story, each one set with a different purpose, “The Devil Rides Tonight” a track that starts out so soft spoken with keyboard playing slowly pulling you in as if a hand waving you to follow down an unknown road. The track gains momentum and takes you on a ride through a story involving your mind and your senses throughout, making DARE a top contender melodic rock longevity, knowing exactly how to take a lyric and make it cryptic or full of passion within a track, is a skill that is hard to master, DARE has an understanding and it shows with this track.

“Thy Kingdom Come” is as AOR as they come, if you were wondering what AOR music was, I would highly recommend taking a listen to this track. Full of strong guitar and bass riffs, keyboard and a vocal power that is unmatched in this style, DARE takes each track to new heights, this track no different. The guitar solo on this track would be one for the ages to see at a live show, with the stage show as a whole, no different, if my imagination serves me right, “Thy Kingdom Come” could be the ultimately live anthem for DARE from this album, strong and powerful giving each part of the band their time in the spotlight, full of life and brings the album together.

DARE is no stranger to creating, what I feel makes them a strong band, one that can release 11 albums, and still be out there is that they evolve and grow, remain true to their craft and continue to release melodic rock that means something. Darren Wharton and his bandmates have taken their craft seriously, keeping longtime fans and adding to them, with each release.  Road to Eden is no different.  I had no idea that DARE had been around since the mid 80’s, but DARE is more than the classic albums, they are a complete artist, band and relevant whether you are a fan of the early AOR and melodic rock, or looking for the sound, they have the knowledge and experience to fulfill your musical wants. Each track stands out on its own, listening to the album without stop is an accomplishment, one that this album will give you, it's not the same track done differently. Each track brings to the album.

Released in April on digital format as well as CD, the album is also to be released on vinyl later this year, like many bands, this album took longer to release due to the world events that have taken place, 2019 or 2022, great things happen to those who wait.

Songwriting: 9
Musicianship: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

5 Star Rating

1. Born In The Storm
2. Cradle To The Grave
3. Fire Never Fades
4. Road to Eden
5. Lovers And Friends
6. Only the Good Die Young
7. I Always Will
8. Grace
9. The Devil Rides Tonight
10. Thy Kingdom Come
11. Born in a Storm (Romesh Remix)
Darren Wharton - Vocals, Keyboards
Vinny Burns - Guitar
Nigel Clutterbuck - Bass Guitar
Kev Whitehead - Drums
Mark Roberts - Keyboards
Record Label: Legend Records


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