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Dario Mollo's Crossbones - Rock the Cradle

Dario Mollo's Crossbones
Rock the Cradle
by VR at 21 April 2017, 11:24 PM

In the year 1981, Dario Mollo teamed up with CROSSBONES and they were successful and well received in their native Italy. The band started their journey as FIREBALL in the year 1978, and by the year 1984, they had changed their moniker to CROSSBONES. The band released a demo in the year 1984 and followed it up with a full length eponymous debut album, “Crossbones”, in the year 1989. The band folded in the year 1991 and Dario Mollo moved on to other musical pursuits. He opened his own recording studio called “Damage Inc” in the town of Ventimiglia and he worked as an engineer and as a producer for various artists including Aldo Guitini and LACUNA COIL. He is perhaps best known for his collaboration with Tony Martin of BLACK SABBATH fame. Between them, they released three well received albums. He also worked with Glenn Hughes, ex-member of visionary bands like DEEP PURPLE and BLACK SABBATH. Dario Mollo says that got the band together to pay homage to the band from where it all started. He also states that the album includes the best of all the experiences that he has had in his career.

The album kicks off with “Red” and it begins with the most rocking way a Rock track could start; a clever riff with a blistering short solo and thick bass lines. The lead vocals are controlled and the song has a strong Classic Rock vibe to it, although it certainly fits the Modern Rock mould. The cursory guitar solo in the middle of the song makes an awkward beginning before fitting in with the mood of the song. “Navigation” begins with a heavy riff and the ever-present bass guitar to shore up the riff .The first words are “Houston, we have a problem”, spoken over a radio and the band use backing vocals generously. This track is a regulation Rock song with nothing really going for it. The lead guitar solo, however rescues the track from being one-dimensional. “Rock the Cradle”, the title track, rocks from the first moment the opening riff hits its stride. The melody slows down considerably after the opener before kicking things into gear again. An angrier song with slow parts sewed in between, this track varies in tempo constantly. The lead guitar solo is melodious and skillful, albeit a short one. As with the earlier tracks, “I Got This Feeling” starts off with an interesting riff. However, the structure of the song, more or less, follows the same pattern of a typical Rock song. The vocals on this track have moments where the singer struggles with the high notes. Needless to say, this song also boasts of a short concise lead guitar solo. “In My Blood” begins with a distinctive riff before the other instruments join the party and it turns out to be just another stock Rock riff. The song gallops at a healthy pace once the one minute mark is passed before it slows down for the bridge. The track does nothing for me although the guitar solo that makes its appearance at around the 3-minute mark, salvages an entirely average song. “Fright” is the last track of the album, has an atmospheric heavy riff that is more Heavy Metal than Classic Rock. The verse of the song has a Heavy Metal vibe to it and unfortunately the chorus is a letdown. The blistering guitar solo in the middle of the song is again the highlight of this entirely average track.

All things considered, this album is an excellent Classic Rock album. The band all the moving parts that take to make a great Rock outfit; a sublime lead guitarist, a solid rhythm section and a splendid lead singer. However, the band lacks in the song-writing department. While the riffs are memorable, the lead guitar solo extraordinary, the songs in themselves aren’t. The saving grace is the outstanding guitar work of Dario Mollo. This album is strictly for fans of the Classic Rock era and although it is no doubt a strong album, it’s much too hackneyed for modern audiences.

Songwriting: 5
Originality: 6
Memorability: 6
Production: 8

3 Star Rating

1. Red
2. Take me High
3. Navigation
4. Rock the Cradle
5. Gates of Time
6. I Got This Feeling
7. In My Blood
8. Running from the Shadow
9. Speed
10. Fright
Dario Mollo - Guitars
Ezio Secomandi - Drums
Dario Patti - Bass, Keyboards
Carl Sentance - Vocals
Record Label: Frontiers Records


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