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Dark Archive - Cultivate our Blood on Aeon

Dark Archive
Cultivate our Blood on Aeon
by Clarissa "Wulf" Wright at 20 March 2018, 7:35 AM

DARK ARCHIVE is a black metal band, with dark, occult elements, and a speedy style, hailing from the Scandinavian lands of Finland (Järvenpää and Helsinki). They released the EP "Cultivate our blood on Aeon" in January, earlier this year.

The initial track of this EP, titled "Cultivate our blood on Aeon", is a heavy introduction to the album, with deep drilling drums and thick bass that somehow rings inside of the ears.
“Closure of empyrean delirium” has a spoken-vocal intro, transitioning straight into tremolo, distorted guitars, grinding blast beats and reverberating repeated guitar riffs. The sound effects of ‘metallic’ hits add to the dark atmosphere, using satanic imagery in the lyrics.

“Godfear Eradication” unfolds unto the ears like an earthquake, creating seismic waves in sound; through swings of the guitar riffs, intense double bass drumming, and spine-curdling vocals that transition from high screeches to low, gutsy grunts. The motors are cranked on at full here, as the band fluently transitions at high speed, and intricate transitions. To me, the drums seemed jaw-dropping in technique and speed! In “Essence of death”, the band cranks up the gears to more and more intensity, creating a heavy finale for the EP.
Vocals screech at a high pitch along with the distorted guitars, as the harsh tones blend in together, and reinforce a dense storm of chaos, in unison.

In the EP “Cultivate our blood on Aeon”, DARK ARCHIVE unleash a sound that seems unpredictably chaotic, yet technical and fluid. The music is highly varied in its instrumental transitions, and altering vocals. There is no time for a breath of fresh air, or breaks in their continual blast of chaos! The technical intensity of the drummer, and the experimentation of the vocals particularly impressive to me.

Songwriting 8
Originality 8
Memorability 8
Production 8

4 Star Rating

1. Cultivate our blood on Aeon
2. Closure of Empyrean Delirium
3.Godfear Eradication
4. Unohda ei ikinä
5. Essence of Death
Joakim Lindholm "Lord Mordor" - Instruments, Lyrics and Programming
Niko Aromaa "Perdition" - Vocals, Lyrics
Record Label: Inverse Records


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