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Dark Avenger - The Beloved Ones Award winner

Dark Avenger
The Beloved Ones
by Marcos "Big Daddy" Garcia at 17 June 2017, 9:51 AM

In terms of Metal, the conceptual albums (those ones with all the songs telling a story) are strong sources of knowledge and culture. It’s because these albums forces us to expand our minds in the search for new cultural sources out of Metal, and sometimes, to search books to understand what the story is telling. In Brazil, some bands use this format as well. But when a name as strong as DARK AVENGER, from Brasília, does such a thing, you can wait for something outstanding. “The Beloved Bones” is really an amazing album.

Their musical work is that excellent form of traditional Heavy Metal with fine melodies and great instrumental technique, and a great personality. The band also shows a modern and aggressive insight this time, showing that they evolve as time passes by. “The Beloved Bones” sounds melodic, intense, heavy, melancholic and modern at the same time, showing a great work. The sound production of “The Beloved Bones” was done by the guitarist Glauber Oliveira, and the mastering was done by the hands of Tony Lindgren, from Fascination Street Studios, Örebro, Sweden (who worked previously for ANGRA, DRAGONFORCE, ENSLAVED, KATATONIA, SEPULTURA, SOILWORK, and many more). So the perfect sound quality of the album is fluid, heavy and modern, but clean and filled with a scent of melancholy. The artwork for the cover is a work from French artist Bernard Bitler, who translated the album’s lyrics to a visual art.

“The Beloved Bones” is the first part of a conceptual two-part story. This part is called “Hell”, and this one deals with the feelings’ sequence Unconsciousness - Denial - Fugue - Victimization - Despair - Craving - Reflection - Balance - Courage - Decision - Freedom, that same sequence that is behind every suffering situations of this world, for all those who are passing through stressing situations as, for example, a loveless marriage, a severe disease, an unwanted job, financial difficulties, alcoholism, drug abuse, a sex harassment, among many others which we inadvertently allow to come into our lives. This is the same sequence that stands behind the Samsara’s wheel. And these sequences are illustrated by the two parts of our inner selves, Reason and Emotion, the conflicts that arise in our days. The way they are treated can remind you of some classic books, as the dialogues between the Copernican thinker Salviati e and the Aristotelian Simplicio on “Dialogo Sopra i Due Massimi Sistemi del Mondo” (or “Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems”), the famous work from Italian Physicist/Mathematician Galileo Galilei.

The modernization on the band’s musical style is clear, but without tearing out their identity. And everything on “The Beloved Bones” is perfect. 11 perfect songs! Somber cellos and keyboards introduces “Thy Beloved Bones”, that explodes with a mix between aggressiveness and melodies, with a fine chorus, great Gregorian chants and excellent vocals (we are speaking of Mario Linhares, one of the best Metal singers of Brazil), and “Smile Back to Me” has a focus on the weight and very good tempos (a great work from bass guitar and drums is heard here as well). The modern and dense approach of “King for a Moment” is filled with lovely and melancholic melodies, some extreme vocals and great guitars. The oriental touches in the beginning of “This Loathsome Carcass” gives the perfect start for another very good work from guitars with fine and melancholic melodic lines, with excellent aggressive parts; “Parasite” is even more aggressive, but the core of the song is the balance between the contrasts, then be prepared for an assault of excellent guitar solos.

Slow and really tender is the beginning of “Breaking Up Again” that shows a more interpretative tendency of the vocals. More contrasts can be heard between the bitter modern guitar tunes with classical keyboards and modern Groove influences on “Empowerment”. A great and minimalist song is “Nihil Mind”, where the band’s musical identity pulses with a great amount of energy. “Purple Letter” shows raw and aggressive parts contrasting with fine melodies. And fine opera vocals can be heard on “Sola Mors Liberat”, a ballad that is filled with a bitter feeling of distress and melancholy, which are clear due the fine vocals that fill the song. And for Brazilian and Japanese CD versions, a bonus song exists, called “When Shadow Falls”, another ballad, but this time with a more positive atmosphere, being the link with the second part of the story, to be continued on “Heaven”. For now, I must say that “The Beloved Bones” is to be released in August, so be prepared for one of the greatest albums of this year!

This Avenger never fails!

Originality: 10
Songwriting: 10
Memorability: 9
Production: 9


5 Star Rating

1. The Beloved Bones
2. Smile Back to Me
3. King for a Moment
4. This Loathsome Carcass
5. Parasite
6. Breaking Up Again
7. Empowerment
8. Nihil Mind
9. Purple Letter
10. Sola Mors Liberat
11. When Shadow Falls (Bonus track)
Mario Linhares - Vocals
Glauber Oliveira - Guitars
Hugo Santiago - Guitars
Gustavo Magalhães - Bass
Brendon Hoffmann - Drums
Record Label: Independent


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