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Dark Millennium - Where Oceans Collide

Dark Millennium
Where Oceans Collide
by Eric Poulin at 25 July 2018, 10:17 PM

DARK MILLENNIUM is back with their second album since they reactivated the band back in 2016 after a 17-year hiatus. One of Germany's more obscure Metal bands, they definitely don't fit in the mold of bands we usually hear from this country. Their sound is a mixture of Old School Death Metal with the lumbering notes of Doom Metal. At least they stray from the path and offer the listener an alternative to the more traditional Power and Classic Heavy Metal Bands from Germany.

First of all, the vocalist reminds me a bit of a mix of David Vincent from MORBID ANGEL and Bill Manskeeper from GREEN JELLY. I know, right? It's reminiscent also of old school OBITUARY and the California and Florida Death Metal scene. It breaks the mold, in the sense that they don't sound European at all and could have fit in really in that really early Death Metal Scene.

Looks its not groundbreaking, it's not gonna blow your socks off but I liked that it was more reminiscent of their efforts in the late 80's. It's better than the previous album and I felt the influences were various this time and you can see it on the last song of the album, a song that clocks over than 11 minutes. It's melodramatic, it's drawn out, and it may be the best song of the album. Well, it's the more complete song, it's technical, it has some growling, and it has some Doom Elements that I really enjoyed. This song reminded me of old school TROUBLE. This song is by far the best song of the album and such a nice way to finish it. Most of the other songs of this effort are quite interchangeable, some slight variations here and there but most songs do have that same feeling about them except this one.

It may not have the best production values out there but the album delivers on all fronts. I guess you don't necessarily need awesome production values when it comes to Old School Death Metal. Like I said beforehand, they could have fit right in with bands like DEATH, OBITUARY, POSSESSED, or even ATHEIST. It has done familiar sound. I know it will not reinvent the wheel but it’s some pretty solid stuff. I am glad they are back on the scene and this was really a nice discovery for me. I am used to bands like PRIMAL FEAR, HELLOWEEN, RAMMSTEIN, and SCORPIONS, so all this was new to me.

I wasn't totally sold on the singer but he does do a great job delivering some harsh vocals and has an impressive range for the genre. I hope we get to hear about this band more and more in the coming future and was pleasantly surprised by their Old School Death Metal sound! The production could have been better but it doesn't hurt the overall value of the album itself fortunately. A great find!

Songwriting: 8
Originality: 8
Memorability:   8
Production: 7

4 Star Rating

1. Vampire's Empire
2. Lovers Die
3. Moving Light
4. Insubstantial
5. Nights, Eternal
6. Flesh is Weak
7. The Lie Behind the Trust
8. Diseases Decease
9. Jessica's Grave
10. In Equilibrium
11. Across Oceans of Souls
Christian Mertens - Vocals
Michael Burmann - Guitars
Gerold Kukulenz - Bass
Andre Schaltenberg - Drums
Hilton Theissen - Guitars
Record Label: Massacre Records


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