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Dark New Farm – Farm News Award winner

Dark New Farm
Farm News
by Caio Bueno at 15 September 2019, 8:43 PM

DARK NEW FARM was founded in 2017 in the city of Nova Fazenda (New Farm in English) by Harley Caires, Fabiano Hamed, Maykon Kjellin and Sol Portella. However, in 2018 Fabiano announced his departure from the band and then the musicians recruited Vinicius Saints to take over the bass and since then the band has been gaining more and more momentum.

The band just released their EP “Farm News”, which presents an original band that mixes New Metal with Death Metal influences and that’s what we are going to talk about.

The first song of the EP “L.O.V.E” has an interesting name, because the real meaning is (Level Of Violence Extremist). The song begins with a guitar riff that creates an interesting tension and then pops the grooves marking presence and an extremely precise drums and bass. The song talks about aggression against women, LGBT and any other kind of prejudice. The vocal lines are interesting and there are also some parts as if they were narrated and at times reminded me of SYSTEM OF A DOWN.

After ‘’L.O.V.E” comes “Madre”, which starts with a kickass groove guitar riff and an extremely heavy bass and drums that gave all the aggressiveness the song needed. Then the song gets a little more progressive, with just the guitar playing a slowly guitar riff that crescent grows and then the vocals come back to create the aggressive mood required by the song. The vocals are sometimes desperate, even reminiscent of Depressive Suicidal Black Metal. Then we have the first guitar solo on the EP and it has some interesting melodies that reminded me of IRON MAIDEN. Then we have a surprise, that it’s a piano in the middle of the song and then the music ends aggressively again.

The next song is called “Collision” and starts with a good fuckin’ bass and a cool guitar work. There are some melodies in the beginning, which differs from the other song. The riff of this song is brutal and the vocals alternate between some dark narrations and the desperate and angry vocals. The drums were well executed and we have a solo that again resembles the IRON MAIDEN giants a lot. It’s a very diverse song and as soon as it starts, you will be banging your head.

La Patria! La Fábula!” has the same vibe as other songs, it’s heavy, aggressive, and there’s a great instrumental job. But there is a surprise here, which is a jazz part! It’s pretty cool how the band can mix up different styles in a natural.

The song “Injustice” starts with the same vibe as every other song on the EP: pure aggressiveness and many groovy riffs. The last song on the EP “Hushaby” follows the same recipe as the previous ones, but there is something interesting about, it has the sound of crows and cries in the background and some clean vocals that created a vibe of tension, terror and suspense that becomes more real as the desperate guttural vocals starts again. The clean sound of guitars helped created the whole atmosphere and it rule.

DARK NEW FARM released a great EP and I’m pretty sure that these guys have a lot of work to do. They managed to innovate mixing up New Metal, Death Metal and Depressive Suicidal Black Metal vocals as well. It’s original, good and you will bang your head on the whole EP. They have some bright future ahead.

Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 9

4 Star Rating

1. L.O.V.E
2. Madre
3. Collision
4. La Patria! La Fábula!
5. In Justice
6. Hushaby
Harley Caires – Vocals
Sol Portella  - Guitars
Vinicius Saints – Bass
Maykon Kjellin – Drums
Record Label: Independent


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