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Dark Portrait – A Harrowing Atrocity Award winner

Dark Portrait
A Harrowing Atrocity
by Deaddie at 01 April 2017, 12:13 AM

Greetings fellow Metal Heads. Even within the Black Metal Genre, like any other genre, you have several subgenres. Symphonic Black Metal just happens to be one of my absolute favorites. I got into Black because of bands like DIMMU BORGIR and EMPORER, so I got rather excited when I started listening to “A Harrowing Atrocity” by DARK PORTRAIT. The latest exceptional act to cross my decadent palette hailing out of Athens, Greece.

The album opens with an excellent classical intro, leading us to the brutal assault that awaits. Because they area 6-member project, their sound is very full and packed with lots of goodies. With ripping guitars, backed by the pounding drum work, they add the perfect elements of their symphonic edge. There is a lot of depth to the music. This band can certainly contend with the likes of DIMMU BORGR, CRADLE OF FILTH, or SHADE EMPIRE. What makes it even more fantastic, is that this is the debut, yes, the fucking debut album from these titans. I must admit that it really makes me anticipate future releases.

There are just so many interesting elements in the songs. From the various types of vocals, to the guitar solos. Even how they flow from brutal Blackness, to atmospheric and melodic intervals. I guarantee you two things; you will find repetition and you will bang your fucking head. This album is the masterpiece I look for as a reviewer, and as a huge Symphonic Black Metal fan. This is the result of 6 talented, dedicated musicians who want to give their listener more than the typical raw stuff has, to offer. (I still love you raw Black Metal!)

As we reach the final track, a beautiful melody of classical debauchery soothingly wraps up the chaos. Altogether, the writing and production are superb. This album is put together perfectly. From beginning to end, it had me entranced in the music. One thing for sure, I will be purchasing this album. I certainly would love to see them live as well. I’m sure they are a force to be reckoned with on the stage. So, hopefully they will make it to the Baltimore one day in the future. Any Black Metal fans who like the Symphonic stuff, you need to check this album out. I expect great things from DARK PORTRAIT as they grow and progress.


Songwriting: 10
Originality: 10
Memorability: 10
Production: 10

5 Star Rating

1. Her Awakening
2. Incantation for Lamia
3. The Rise of the Anti-Christ (Featuring, Iliana Tsakiraki
4. Cassandra’s Tragedy
5. As I Die
6. Beauty is Frail
7. The Arrival
8. Fiend Incarnate
9. A Harrowing Atrocity
10. Ode to Scorn
11. Ocean of Pain
12. Resurrection’s Rite
Letheal - Vocals
Åräfèll - Lead Guitars
Celestial - Rhythm Guitars
Griever - Keyboards
Göphall - Bass Guitars
Dajal – Drums
Record Label: Xperiment XIII


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