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Dark Years From Now - Dark Years From Now

Dark Years From Now
Dark Years From Now
by Crisstopher Robyn at 10 April 2019, 8:05 PM

From Vancouver, BC, this diverse act is from the deranged of multi-instrumentalist Dan Potter. Using heavy barrages of poly-rhythmic arrangements that bring intensity levels to new high. DARK YEARS FROM NOW descends into the darkness and creates a blueprint of how his brain seems to function musically. The debut self-titled LP by DARK YEARS FROM NOW was arranged to be a maze for our ears. I am not sure what to expect from this album. There is really not a lot found on the band or Dan Potter, other than an empty Bandcamp page and a Facebook with not much information. I guess that is to be expected as a lot of bands tend to keep mysterious vibes to garner attention or just want people to be focused on the music itself.

Forbidden Nexus” is fairly short intro that mixes you up. You really are not sure of what the album is going to be like until “Heaven and Hell Collide” begins some strange trip. I almost feel like I need to be tripping mushrooms as the craziness begins to start. The music is really top-notch but the black metal vocals do not match well with the groove. I do not find the music dark but more of an upbeat progression throughout.  Complexity begins to show as “Proxy Whore” goes full crazy. The music bounces between different arrangements quicker than a Randy Johnson fastball. The vocals tend to fit a bit more here. It has a more sinister sound than the first track but makes you think more of THE DILLINGER ESCAPE PLAN with its musical changes and progressions. That cannot be said for the irritating “Burial Forest”.  It is a super-fuzzy noise interruption that will make most listeners hit the skip button and wonder why they listen to so much before they did. It was a horrible interlude and really had me thankful for “Pyrophoric”.  The song gives more simple riffs that are driven by heavy guitar and some off-beat doubles. It still doesn’t have that black metal feel, but the vocals fit well. It is a short interlude before the Black Metal sound of “Shot Caller” demands your attention. It is the best track on the album, filled with brilliant riffs, booming percussion, and an added industrial tinge.  The song is a very eventful listen. The progressions of the music keep your head turning in circles as if you are possessed. Although it is only an instrumental, I would still throw this on my playlist. “Fall Away” brings a surprising Rock riff filled by mellow vocals. Not the normal chaos the album has held this far but it fits well together. “Riptides of the Abyss” I only mention because it is nothing but 10 minutes of noise. It is not even good noise. I was hoping something would be hidden within. Nope, just noise. Skip unless you are a sucker for punishment.

There is more good than bad throughout DARK YEARS FROM NOW’s  debut. The imagination shown is very strange within the riffs. The blackened vocals have a sinister feel that flows well in some of dark rhythm.  It appeals to those who love complexity in musical writing. It is very impressive in parts but at some points it is just plain annoying. A lot of restraint was needed, but I was finally able to make it through the entire album. It isn’t a horrible album, it is just complex in parts that many may find hard to follow.

Originality: 7
Memorability: 6
Production: 7

3 Star Rating

1. Forbidden Nexus
2. Heaven and Hell Collide
3. A Red Light Glares
4. Proxy Whore
5. Zubaydah
6. Burial Forest
7. Pyrophoric
8. Shot Caller
9. X or Cyst? Pt. 1
10. Fall Away
11. Riptides of the Abyss

Dan Potter – All Instruments and Vocals
Record Label: Independent


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