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Darkall Slaves - Transcendental State Of Absolute Suffering

Darkall Slaves
Transcendental State Of Absolute Suffering
by J-F "Thrashing Assault" Briard at 12 January 2015, 5:32 PM

First of all, I must say right away that I'm not a fan of (Brutal) Death Metal; I tried to look up for other artists/bands to compare, to have an objective review…! Sadly, DARKALL SLAVES' new album does nothing to distinguish itself from the others of the same sub-genre, both instrumentally and vocally…

There is no originality, no substance, no progression to riffing, no change of tempo (except maybe the last song), no solos, no nothing! The drums are out of sync and overly-chaotic (even by the genre's standards) the lyrics are pure gibberish and all the songs are almost indistinguishable from each other. The intro and interlude are filler sections, straight out of a cliché horror movie! The only song worth mentioning is the self-titled and last one, where the beginning almost sounds different from the rest, until it reverts back to it's generic sound…For a band to stand out or be special in one way or another, something about it has to grab you by the horns. BRAINDRILL's precise execution of massive, bleeding sweeps, or ARCHSPIRE's inhuman abuse of the snare drum put them out miles ahead of the crowd of what is becoming a stale cesspit of over-done, re-hashed and regurgitated "Metal".

DARKALL SLAVES have done nothing of the sort, from what I can tell; perhaps it might have an underground following eventually, if it's lucky; whether the band wants it or not, that's where the album's niche following is going to stay; as will the band, if they don't up their game.

1 Star Rating

1. Intro
2. Dirges for Unequivocal Torture
3. Litany of Martyrs
4. Transcendental State of Absolute Suffering
5. Abysses Of Seclusion
6. Interlude
7. Disfigure
8. Flowing Defilement
9. Mindless Damnation
10. Darkall Slaves
Markus - Vocals
Gautier Got Trannoy - Guitars
Alex - Bass
Mattis - Guitar
Record Label: Independant


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