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Darkane - The Sinister Supremacy

The Sinister Supremacy
by Lior "Steinmetal" Stein at 01 July 2013, 2:43 PM

A voice from far beyond has returned to haunt, afflicting shock and dismay. Gutting right through the heart of the human cognition, state of mind, fears and quandaries, this entity is here to investigate what will happen to the human race in the upcoming future. Will it be barbarism, mechanical blind faith as the next public aid that would only serve as its own demise? No one is acting as prophet, whether truth or lie, therefore the future will remain a conundrum, a perplexity to argue about later, hopefully not too late. The Swedish astringent pandemonium, DARKANE, that voice from far beyond, yet closer to home sharing the pain, maintained studio radio silence for the last five years for various reasons, be that as it may they never actually left the Metal scene, and while waiting released a live DVD, and also returned an old flame from the ashes as their front centre. Signing with the American label of Prosthetic Records and keep their early contract with the European Massacre Records, DARKANE released “The Sinister Supremacy” and proved to themselves and the world of Metal that they haven’t lost their touch upon amassing their utmost talents and experience to indulge massively technical Thrash layouts interbred with the mustering of scopes of modern bred melodic Death Metal.

Havoc straight to the head, irritation of one’s observance, old memories coming back from older times, the accommodating sound of classical music serving as short intermissions right before the reality’s hard knock on the door waiting to be answered. Hinging back to the days of the debut “Rusted Angel”, DARKANE’s successful debut and first official full length calling card into the world of Metal, the band renewed their partnership with their debut vocalist, Lawrence Mackrory, which since his departure from the band after “Rusted Angel”, took the role of the notorious Larry Lethal and carried the torch as the barking voice of the fouled Thrash infested zombie heads of F.K.U. into new boundaries. Though the band’s music has always been extra energetic and even vigilant, crossing and smashing borderlines of the Metal subgenres they subjected, with Mackrory, it was like a match made in hell, absolutely a delightful mosh fest. The former Andrew Sydow was a great songster without a doubt, and Jens Broman had that Anselmo and Speed tweak, yet Mackrory has better vocalic qualities, mastering the transference between Thrash raspy tones (along with often solid clean displays) and craggy Death Metal growls.

Other than Mackrory’s welcoming return to the DARKANE stack, the Swedes unleashed a darkened megaton bomb of “five years of wait” fury, as if it was their first time releasing an album, to attest to everyone they are the next bad asses in town. “The Sinister Supremacy” is immensely multifaceted with its drum and bass assembly and at times deranged with mind blowing breaks (“Malicious Strain”), has only several edges of the present stage of Death and Groove that might indicate of repetitions though those are far from being puny and to that mix, I will add well written solos and melodic harmonies that might retain antiquated wounds of the past, a past era of the Swedish scene. I urge to contain the aggravating sullenness of “By Darkness Designed” and “Humanity Defined”, remain with questions unanswered till your last day on earth but the groove will endure and keep its fire burning following “Existence Is Just a State of Mind”, assimilate to the lungs of nothingness and sorrow with the crafty late CARCASS driven “I, Author Of Despair” or might you accept the new order of things to come with a demonstration of Swedish defilement crossing through “The Sinister Supremacy” and “Mechanically Divine”. I believe that you have quite enough to feast your ears to. Therefore I say that old DARKANE is back from the shed, better produced, mightier than ever while affecting the modern stuff to sound a bit more than subtle. 

4 Star Rating

1. Sounds of Pre-Exsistence
2. The Sinister Supremacy
3. Mechanically Divine
4. Ostracized
5. The Decline
6. Insurrection Is Imminent
7. In the Absence of Pain
8. Humanity Defined
9. Hate Repentance State
10. Collapse of Illusions
11. By Darkness Designed
12. Existence Is Just a State of Mind
13. Malicious Strain
14. I, Author Of Despair
Lawrence Mackrory - Vocals
Christofer Malmström - Guitars
Klas Ideberg - Guitars
Jörgen Löfberg - Bass
Peter Wildoer - Drums
Record Label: Prosthetic Records / Massacre Records


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